In the digital golden age of technology that we live in today, social media and the internet are the gods of advertising and promotion, as the entire world has gradually shifted to the ever-evolving landscape of the online marketing environment. Everybody and everything is online nowadays, and only a small handful of traditional industries have stood the test of time without integrating or adapting to the digital new normal. Everything from trade, to commerce, to healthcare, education – nearly all of the world’s industries now cater to this new online playfield. 

Traditional media and information outlets like magazines, newspapers, books, and comic books have all aged relatively well without technology’s upgrade, which is a testament to the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, it’s important to note that the entire physical world that we live in, with all its great technological marvels and innovations, was spurred by the endless drive of humanity to make things more efficient – way back since the dawn of our species. Innovation in all aspects has introduced print media to the digital world, and now, even traditional forms of media have a welcoming home on online platforms. 

Now that leaves us with a few questions. Just how do authors and storytellers use social media and the internet to promote their work nowadays? With the endless influx of data bombarding us every second of the day on the internet, how do writers generate online buzz that stands out without getting lost in the sea of information? How does one launch a social media campaign for their book promotion, compete alongside other media ads, and come out on top this holiday season?

Social Media Campaign Tips For Your Book This Holiday Season (1)

Here’s how. 

  1. If you aren’t already on Twitter, sign up now. Get your account verified, then create multiple, interchangeable hashtags (preferably with title and release date) so you may observe what people say about your book. You can host Q&A, share excerpts, post promotional pics, or tweet pre-order links. 

2. Use the power of the hashtag to its full potential. Hashtags have a peculiar ability – they make your book distinct, and can influence people to form entire communities surrounding them. Use the hashtag sparingly and relevantly, and use them across all social media platforms to maintain consistency.

3. Create a Facebook page. Be sure to make the page detailed and complete. With this, you can begin building a fan base and encourage fan-submitted book reviews, use the same Twitter hashtags, respond to and gain insight from readers, and include teasers. Note: sponsored ads are useful! 

4. Make an Instagram account. Instagram can help you utilize successful promotional opportunities for your book through stories, comments, connections, tags, images, posts, and live videos. Use them to your advantage paired with unified hashtags!

5. Get a Facebook contest going. Give back to your fans by offering free copies of your book as a prize for those who make a post with the hashtag detailing why they want the book and tag friends who would also like it – give their tagged friends a copy too if possible. 

6. Invest in great visuals. Online marketing is all about visual aesthetics. Uphold all the design principles of shape, color, arrangement, and size so you may establish a specific vibe for your brand. To do this, you may have to hire a designer, but it’s definitely worth it – invest in a good graphic designer for your promotional imagery and ads. 

7. Utilize YouTube to your advantage. YouTube is a highly useful online marketing tool for book promotion, where you can host Q&A, compile short video content, and encourage competitions like having fans post reaction videos or their own trailers for the book. 

8. Have an Author website. There’s no point in an online promotion unless there’s a means for readers to buy your work, right? Break the monotony of a boring Amazon page by investing in a service that helps you create your own custom website where you can manage orders, sales, and reader insights. Have the website displayed on all social media. 

9. Seek the help of bloggers. Bloggers are like the modern-day prophets of the digital age, and getting influential bloggers to promote your book can spell success. Bloggers with thousands of followers can be negotiated with to review and promote your book on their social networking channels, exponentially widening your market. 

10. Simultaneously manage multiple social media campaigns for maximum promotional potential. By successfully handling these social media promotions at the same time (with the same effort, pace, and consistency), any upcoming author can exponentially boost their reach in the online market. Once a following is solidified, promotion is just a piece of cake from then on.

By following these tips, you too can execute a successful marketing campaign for your book this holiday season and achieve your literary dreams as an author. It all has to start somewhere, right? If you’re an author and you’re looking to boost your book sales this season, now is the perfect time to do so. 

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