Like it or not, you need as much exposure as possible if you are a self-published author. That is even true with authors from traditional publishing houses. The difference is that you as an indie author need to work more. This is where ReadersMagnet (RM) becomes an indispensable partner in boosting your online and offline exposure.

The RM Book Confab in San Diego is designed to hype author exposure before, during, and after the SDUTFOB 2023. The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books (SDUTFOB) will only happen for a day, which is why ReadersMagnet created a way to provide more activities for authors. The Book Confab will run from August 19 to 20, while the Festival of Books will happen only on August 19, 2023. Take a look at how you can take advantage of these events.

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Hitting Two Birds at a Time

Attending the Festival of Books organized by The San Diego Union-Tribune offers a big advantage over doing nothing to promote yourself and your book. Meanwhile, adding the RM Book Confab in San Diego will give you an edge toward building a better name in the industry.

Spending a day at the SDUTFOB, where ReadersMagnet is a sponsor, could be beneficial, especially in getting an audience from the academe. On the other hand, speaking at the Book Confab provides you with a platform to broaden your audience.

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Boosting Online and Offline Exposure

Displaying your book at the SDUTFOB 2023 will give you a day of exposure, while attending the RM Book Confab in San Diego offers two days of engagements, both online and offline. These two events will surely enhance your author branding and book marketing initiatives.

Despite being present at 655 West Broadway in downtown San Diego, the Book Confab maximizes the #BookTok community on TikTok and livestreams on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It is on top of building new connections with co-authors and publishers attending the event. It’s a book marketing combination you would want for your literary masterpiece.

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Being in a Business and Academic Environment

The venue of the Book Confab is a center of business in San Diego. “The location celebrates the best of downtown,” says the 655 West Broadway website. Hence, whatever genre you are writing, being present in the thick of the corporate world stimulates the feeling of a business person inside you as an independent author. Yes, you must be business-minded if you are into marketing and producing more sales for your book.

While the SDUTFOB is being held at the University of San Diego, your presence at the book conference downtown elevates your authority and significance. Joggling from the academe to a business hub will make your two-day experience productive. It’s a literary adventure that you can experience only at ReadersMagnet.

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