PR Expert recently named ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing Company as a top marketing entity in San Diego, California.

London-based media company PR Expert nominated ReadersMagnet as a top marketing company in San Diego, California. ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company providing self-publishing and book marketing services to aspiring and self-publishing authors. Since its establishment in 2017, ReadersMagnet has published hundreds of books and provided a wide array of book marketing services, including radio interviews, book reviews, online brand publicity, book fairs, and SEO-related services. The news came along with other positive mentions this week. Another site also listed ReadersMagnet among the best self-publishing blogs and hashtags to follow in 2022.

London-based media company PR Expert recently named ReadersMagnet as a top marketing company in San Diego, California. Credit to

ReadersMagnet has helped authors promote their works to some of the biggest platforms and events, including the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Tucson Festival of Books, and the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition.

PR Expert is a media company aiming to educate and empower the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing, and advertising industries.

PR Expert, which is based in London, is managed but not owned by Fupping LTD. The media company believes that startups have always pushed the cutting edge. Digital marketing is fast-evolving, but the new generation of bleeding-edge startups are determined to face the challenges and embrace every opportunity. PR Expert aims to showcase the greatest bleeding-edge companies, businesses, and innovations on a global stage.

PR Expert aims to showcase the latest innovations, breakthroughs, and most outstanding companies across the marketing, advertising, and SEO industries. The company also looks to boost inbound investment into innovative companies and startups by addressing the information asymmetry between small innovative startups and institutional investors.

ReadersMagnet is honored to be named among the top marketing companies in San Diego, California. This serves as an inspiration to continue serving authors with top-of-the-line publishing and book marketing services.

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