ReadersMagnet introduces its latest book marketing services to help authors boost sales and online reputation.

Book marketing has evolved tremendously over the last decade. With so many digital platforms available for our disposal, marketing books and other products should be easy. For debut authors and self-published ones, author’s websites and various social media sites have proved to be very helpful in advertising one’s books and increasing one’s online visibility. However, with hundreds of business sites and advertising platforms competing, choosing only platforms that can get you the desired results and value for your money is the wise decision.

ReadersMagnet’s Online Bookseller’s Advertising service reaches the broadest number of relevant target audiences, ensuring that the right people will hear and know more about the author’s masterpiece.

ReaderMagnet Online Booksellers Advertising Service is a book advertising service that is basically a banner ad campaign on Amazon and Ingram’s iPage.

Online Booksellers Advertising Service covers two of the most prestigious websites in the publishing and book marketing industry- Amazon and Ingram.

Amazon is the world’s leader in e-commerce. Amazon is the largest books distributor and the most recognizable brand in the publishing industry. Amazon is also the number one retailer, manufacturer, and web services provider for e-books. If you want to look for a book title, Amazon is the site to visit. Every author and writer hopes that their published work will find its way to Amazon’s vast repository of books and other published materials.

On the other hand, Ingram Micro is a renowned American distributor of information technology, products, and services. With operations across the globe, Ingram amplifies the value of its position at the intersection of thousands of vendor, reseller, and retailer partners by customizing and delivering highly targeted applications for various commercial needs.

Investing in ReadersMagnet Online Bookseller’s Advertising means embracing opportunities for more sales engagement and ensuring that your brand is associated with the industry’s biggest and most reliable names.

With over 300 million active Amazon users and thousands of bookstores and libraries ordering directly from Ingram, ReadersMagnet’s Booksellers Advertising service opens new doors to amazing possibilities for authors and their books. It also features multiple promotional activities to increase the visibility of the Ad.

So why advertise with ReadersMagnet?

Firstly, ReadersMagnet is a reputable company known to sincerely care for its author-clients. It has partnered only with legitimate organizations and individuals when it comes to delivering services. From radio interviews to search engine optimization-related services (SEO, social media ads, and increased web traffic).

 It is interesting to note that Amazon has over 95 million members, 310 Web users, and 2.6 billion visitors monthly. Meanwhile, Ingram is used by over 50 thousand retailers, librarians, and educators. It has 70 000 registered users and an estimated 150 000 views each month.

So, what do I get from ReadersMagnet’s Online Bookseller Advertising Service?

For only $ 1, 499 you may avail of ReadersMagnet’s Online Bookseller Advertising which features the following:

Banner Ad Campaign in Amazon

  • Feature your book title, book cover, and description on Amazon for one month

Banner Ad Campaign in Ingram’s iPage

  • Feature your book in a particular spot in Ingram for one month
  • Visibility from the home page of Ingram’s ordering platform
  • Listed on Ingram’s Catalog Discovery page
  • Promotion of “ipage title list” in three booksellers and library targeted newsletters (32,000 email circulation)

So, what are you waiting for? Be ahead of the game and avail of ReadersMagnet’s Online Bookseller Advertising Service today!

You can reach ReadersMagnet at 800-805-0762 or email them at or visit for more details.