The first half of 2019 gave ReadersMagnet numerous opportunities to become an excellent publishing partner and reach more aspiring authors.

The first six months saw ReadersMagnet actively working to deliver quality publishing and book marketing services. From book fair commitments to the fulfillment of various services, ReadersMagnet continues to prove that they are a legitimate company and a true publishing partner.

Continuously Gaining Ground in International Book Marketing

Last year, ReadersMagnet registered as one of the exhibitors at the 2018 Miami International Book Fair.  This year, the young publishing partner scored another milestone when they joined the 24th Los Angeles Times Festival of Books held last April at the University of Southern California. The two-day book display and book signing event featured more than 150 titles and authors.

Before July, ReadersMagnet had already signed up to be part of a number of international book fairs scheduled this year. This year’s list of upcoming book fairs includes the Frankfurt International Book Fair, Sharjah International Book Fair, the Beijing International Book Fair, and the 2019 Miami International Book Fair this November. This active international presence proves that ReadersMagnet is a legitimate book marketing company for self-published authors.

Consciously Becoming a Publishing Partner that is Committed All the Way Through

ReadersMagnet has come a long way from publishing its first title. The increased number of published titles proves that first-time authors seek out ReadersMagnet’s services and value their expertise in publishing their books. Despite the heavy competition, ReadersMagnet can attract more authors this year. More importantly, the company can deliver the services and establish a close relationship with its client authors. In fact, there is a significant number of authors publishing multiple titles with ReadersMagnet, especially in the Children’s Books category.

Authors’ Testimonials Continue to Cast Away Bad Blogs and Scam Tagging

Last year, ReadersMagnet suffered several blows due to malicious blogs tagging the self-publishing company as a scam. Through ReadersMagnet understood fully that there will always be detractors, it since issued a statement declaring that ReadersMagnet is not a scam along with proof. They focused on working on their own merits by striving even harder to be consummate publishing and book marketing consultants. This, along with investing in its online brand publicity and online visibility, ReadersMagnet successfully bounced back stronger and more determined further to cement its rightful place in the self-publishing industry.  

The number of Trustpilot Reviews coming from the authors proves that ReadersMagnet is certainly not a scam but rather a legitimate company. More importantly, they inspire the company to continue its dedication and commitment to sharing your stories with the world.

ReadersMagnet offers publishing and book marketing services to authors who want their books to reach the broadest target audience. You can contact ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at [email protected] for more details.