Can you call a spade a spade without totally seeing and hearing every side of the matter? Are the ones calling ReadersMagnet a scam experienced the services of the company? Have they heard what satisfied authors have to say? What about the BBB accreditation and recognition?

Truth is not always welcome, especially if others have different ways of perceiving things. The truth will receive rejections, criticisms, fake news, and unpleasant objections. Truth, however, stands amidst the denials and fusses. This is particularly true if overwhelming words from trusted and honest individuals speak about how they experience the truth.

From the Authors’ Mouths

Eleanor “Ellie” Gaccetta, the author of One Caregiver’s Journey and Generations of Good Food, commented last year in a blog post, “I have been with ReadersMagnet for two years. My first book was published by an entity that offers no services beyond publishing. I now have two excellent consultants who always respond to questions in person. I have utilized many services.”

“So far, I have not seen anything that would indicate a scam. On the contrary, I would encourage other authors to join in,” Author Vineet Verma asserted.” Ellie has verified, “The company is no scam. It is a first-class business operation with author needs at the forefront. They just recently published my second book. I couldn’t envision a better organization.”

You can watch and listen more from the authors interviewed by syndicated radio broadcaster Ric Bratton of This Week in America with the video below.

From the Accrediting Body

The Better Business Bureau is honest enough in conveying that “BBB ratings are not a guarantee of a business’s reliability or performance.” Nevertheless, the way they accredit and rate businesses from various fields of expertise makes customers rely on them for recommendations.

BBB basically collects information about an agency via reviews and complaints coming from customers. Though they are open about how their programs work, they don’t reveal more details about how they gather data when they accredit or grade a company.

Aside from reading reviews and complaints on a company’s profile, BBB also provides a scam tracker. Anyone can also sign up for scam alerts to get notified about fraudulent activities.

If you have questions about the BBB accreditation and recognition for ReadersMagnet, you can leave a comment on our BBB profile. You can also directly connect with us so we can attend to your needs as soon as possible. Ring us up at 1-800-805-0762 or send us a message at