Are you a book collector looking for a rare literary masterpiece? Do you usually visit an old bookstore to find collectibles? Do you search online for extremely rare manuscripts? Have you attended an international book fair yet? Attending the London Book Fair could be the best decision to make this year.

International book fairs, such as the London Book Fair (LBF), showcase books from different parts of the globe. Aside from seeing hundreds of new book titles, you could also find rare books written in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or any language you could not expect. Together with popular, exceptional, and rare books, ReadersMagnet will be displaying new book titles at the book fair as well.

What makes a book rare?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines a rare object as “a thing or things . . . occurring infrequently, encountered only occasionally or at intervals, uncommon,” or “of a kind seldom found, done or occurring; unusual, uncommon, exceptional.”

Rare books are different from antiquarian and collectible books. Based on the definition above, all rare books can be added to collectibles, and some antiquarian books could be included in rare books. Someone has noted that rare books depend on “importance, scarcity, age, condition, physical and aesthetic properties, association, or subject matter.”

Not all old books are rare.

New collectors tend to think that an old book could immediately be considered rare. Needless to say, not all old books can be regarded as rare. Many books published decades ago, or even centuries ago, have multiple copies existing until this time.

Newly published books can be rare depending on other qualifications, such as research importance, printing scarcity, and famous author. If you are good for a trip to London, you might find the book you’re looking for.

Books in LBF could be rare.

London Book Fair is the second largest international book event with around 25,000 regular attendees. With that audience, you could meet rare book dealers to add to your network of collectors and book lovers.

Before going to the LBF 2023 in Olympia, you have to make sure what kind of rare books you’re looking for. Assume you have never held a copy of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. You must be able to distinguish between the several editions of his book if you are interested in collecting Steinbeck. Which early Steinbeck works printed by which printers are regarded as genuine first editions?

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