As a self-publishing authors, marketing their books can be a challenge. Unlike those who work with publishing companies, these authors plan and execute their marketing strategies themselves. Hence, the burden of selling and getting their books out falls on their hands alone.

When it comes to promoting books, there are no better means than joining conventions related to literature. Whether it’s book fairs, conferences, or exhibitions, authors can use these opportunities to connect to and attract possible readers. Unfortunately, gatherings like these have faced scarcity these past years due to the ongoing pandemic. Authors have had lesser chances to communicate with their readers personally.

But this 2022, things are slowly returning to normal.

The American Library Association brings back its annual conference and exhibition this June 23 to 28, and ReadersMagnet will be joining their lineup. ReadersMagnet will offer book signing and book display events for the participating writers to give their authors the massive opportunity to attract readers. This is an excellent opportunity to seize if you’re an attending author.

The ALA2022 conference and exhibition is one of the most prominent literary events held throughout the state. And as authors, it would be a waste if you fail to maximize this once-in-a-lifetime experience due to lack of preparation. A simple error, such as bringing fewer books than demanded, can significantly impact your marketing.

To avoid this, here are some preparatory tips readersmagnet would like to share with its authors.

Pre-Book Event: Plan Thoroughly

As one of the biggest annual literary gatherings, the ALA conference brings many attendees. Each of these is proactively searching for the newest reading materials they can indulge in and authors to follow.

Book Display. Preparing for this event means putting together what you will be displaying and how many books you will be bringing. If you have multiple books, you can pick your most promising book or have all your books registered. Whichever book attracts the most attention depends on the audiences’ preferences. It’s a hit-or-miss opportunity. Hence, strategizing for this is crucial.

Audience. In line with your attendance, you can also spread the word ahead of time, inviting your existing followers to attend. You can also plot a contest or a marketing event, promising prizes for their attendance or purchase.

Network. Another goal for this event is to help authors grow their network. This is through new readers, business partners, or friends and connections. With this, you can prepare business cards r flyers you can hand out during the event. Ensure these materials have your name and updated contact information with your existing books to promote.

For first-time attendees, significant events like this can be nerve-racking. Mentally prepare yourself by practicing your speech and signature. This isn’t necessary and might seem trivial to others, but remember, when faced with a considerable crowd, things can go hectic, and you can quickly get anxious about interacting with people. Mental preparation can help you achieve your desired outcome.

In Course: Leaving an Impression

As an attending author through ReadersMagnet, you will be given a chance to communicate and leave an impact on your audience personally. One traditional way to do this is by handing out complimentary snacks – chocolates, candies, anything that will leave a sweet impression. You can subtly place these treats on your table and give them out per purchase or to people who approach your table. You may even attach your contact information to these treats for them to have a source of communication even after the event.

Beyond the Event: Mailing List

To maximize your attendance at this event, you need to prepare your books and how you will talk about them and other related topics. However, don’t let this conversation end during the event. Find a means to continue and maintain the discussion. You can ask your audience to sign up for your mailing list. Entice them with the different advantages they can get through it. For instance, you can promise them a community that cultivates healthy discourse or a group offering support to each other.

If you wish to join the conference through ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing, you can contact their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at for more details.

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