Online Bookstores are powerful allies in getting your books to wider target audiences.

For authors, especially self-published ones, there is a great need to tap all possible platforms and venues to reach a greater number of the target audience. In this age of digital marketing, it makes complete sense to pitch your book to a reliable online bookstore. Below are tips on how to pitch your work to an online bookstore.

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  1. Know your audience. You need to know who likely to read – and buy – your book. What do they look for in a good story? What are their expectations? 
  1. Know your online bookstore. Do they sell books like yours? Does your book align with their customers? Know your bookstore better and see if your book fits in by browsing over their inventory.
  1. Know their book wholesaler. Online bookstores order copies from wholesalers (such as IngramSpark) or buy on consignment directly from authors or publishers. Try to connect with the bookstore to sell your book either through a wholesaler or through consignment. 
  1. Develop a digital marketing plan. Convince the bookstore to stock and sell your book with a solid book marketing plan and campaign. You have to get the word out about your book that will generate traffic to their checkout counters.
  1. Create marketing materials that sell. Create book buzz with a slew of marketing materials and merch: a website, press releases, posters, print ads, book trailers, social media posts, etc. 
  1. Price your book reasonably. What’s the average retail price that readers expect to pay for books like yours? Set an appropriate price that will earn you some revenue as well as profit for the bookstore. 
  1. Contact your bookstore. Call or email your bookstore. Inform them you’re ready and willing to do business with them. Make sure to come up with terms that will benefit both you and the bookstore. 
  1. Follow up. Expect questions from the bookstore after your initial call or email. They would want to know what marketing or book events you’ll be doing or ask if your book is returnable, among other matters. 

Remember, it is wise to choose an online bookstore that will commit to marketing your books to a greater number of readers. Make sure that your online bookstore has your interest at heart and truly believes in your work.