Booking a radio interview is one of the most effective book marketing strategies for self-published authors to publicize their book. Live author radio interviews usually do not require authors to spend much money, time, and effort but it can ensure wide media coverage, especially when done right. Radio interviews enable a self-published author to reach thousands of potential readers in minutes. 




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Do you want to appear as a guest on a radio program? Here are 10 steps to pitching your book for a radio interview: 



1. Position Yourself as an Authority

Develop your expert status, online and offline, so you will get the opportunity to be interviewed by more than one station. Focus on your niche. Now that you have published a book, position yourself as an expert by teaching a class, trying public speaking, writing guest posts on blogs, etc.



2. Create events for your book

Drum up publicity for your book by creating events surrounding your book or hitching your book on local events… anything that could be of interest to radio producers. This may come up in your potential radio interview.



3. Create a directory

Come up with a list of radio stations that you can approach within your target location, as well as online radio stations. Do your research, listen to the programs, and know the on-air personalities a bit in advance.



4. Know the audience

You should be mindful of the radio station you are pitching to and how you can personalize your story idea to appeal to their audience. Your story has to make sense for the radio station’s demographic.



5. Prepare your publicity kit

Your publicity kit is designed to convince radio hosts and station managers to give you a slot in their radio show. It contains essential information about your book and yourself and includes a brief book synopsis, author profile, and contact info, among others.



6. Provide sample interview questions

Make a list of 10 or more questions that you think the radio host would ask or the audience might want to know. Put them in a nicely formatted document and include a brief biography and your contact information.



7. Send a complimentary copy of your book

Offer a free copy of your book for a review. This will help hook the radio host or producer and give them more reasons to bring you on air.



8. Do a follow-up

After a week, get in touch with the radio station to know how your pitch is doing. Contact politely through an email or phone call. You may want to call, as a phone call will give you an immediate response and interaction. Remain polite when making a follow-up.



9. Don’t give up

Do not be discouraged if your early efforts do not yield successful results. If a radio station declines, you can still approach other stations on your list.



10. Look for new opportunities

Always look for new shows to be booked on. If you want to be rebooked on a program, keep up with the program and write new topics for it, and resubmit yourself when appropriate.






Have fun pitching your book for a radio program. Good luck!