In this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair (HKBF), the organizers aim to inspire young people to cultivate a passion for reading. In a world of misinformation and disinformation, it’s a noble purpose indeed. Despite the focus on children and youths, they don’t fail to encourage adults to continue reading and learning. As such, the event continually attracts international authors, publishers, and book lovers alike.

At last, the most awaited HKBF 2023 already arrives and will take place this July 19 to 25, 2023. It will still be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. With more relaxed global health restrictions, the event expects to attract almost a million participants worldwide. Gladly, ReadersMagnet (RM) is one of the exhibitors, and the first batch of our representatives has already arrived in Asia’s World City.

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Reading the World: The Joy of Reading for Children & Youth

In a digital world where games are pervasive, children have lots to distract them from reading books or even listening to stories. Thankfully, the HKBF 2023 focuses on this vital aspect of development with the theme “Reading the World: The Joy of Reading for Children & Youth.”

Yes, it should not only be about reading, but it should also be about inspiring them to read with joy and a feeling of fulfillment. With that, ReadersMagnet brings children’s books for display and sale. As a partner of charity organizations in San Diego, RM is also committed to enhancing literacy and passion for reading.

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Children’s and Young Adult Literature Writers

In line with the HKBF 2023 theme, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) invited authors specializing in children and young adult literature. The featured writers and speakers include A Nong, Ho Tsz’s daughter Carmen Ho, Quenby Fung’s best friends Dr Justine Woo and Joanne Chan, Chau Mat-mat, Leong Monk-fung, Wei Ya, Sun Wai-ling, Poon Ming-chu, and Poon Kam-ying.

As specialized writers, young people will surely relate to them. Aside from enjoying the sessions, youths and children will also appreciate and be entertained by writing memorabilia exhibits, such as manuscripts, out-of-print works, photos, sketches, and film excerpts. This is on top of the hundreds and thousands of book displays and sales.

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International Writers Gather at the Hong Kong Book Fair

As one of the biggest book events in Asia, the HKBF 2023 is expected to have a flux of attendees coming from every corner of the globe. Aside from the popular writers in Hong Kong, the book fair organizers will also welcome the presence of globally famous authors from Mainland China, Taiwan, and the West. The authors include Yu Hua, Ma Boyong, Luo Zhen-yu, Xu Zhi-yuan, Huang Shan-liao, and Susanna Cheung Chui-yung. They will be joined by international writers, such as Jane Houng, Jesse Q Sutanto, Mark O’Neill, and Theadora Whittington.

ReadersMagnet will also be taking almost a hundred new book titles from our American authors. Fairgoers expect to see interesting books when they visit Booths 1C-B23 and 1C-B25 at the book fair. Aside from having children and young adult genres, participants will enjoy more literary masterpieces that could encourage them to read and love books.

For more information, please check this out. Our staff members here at ReadersMagnet are more than happy to see you at the Hong Kong Book Fair this week. If you need further assistance, feel free to send a message to or directly talk to us at 1-800-805-0762. Contact us today!