The greatest stories are those that nurture the mind, the heart, and the soul. Some of the greatest narratives are those told by mothers, for mothers, and about mothers.

The idea of motherhood is not defined solely by giving birth to a child, nor does it end after a certain age. The idea of motherhood revolves around the idea of sheltering and caring for something fragile, of giving something life, of nurturing something until it they are strong enough to be on their own, and of course, of unconditional love. They are the quintessential elements of motherhood. In celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day, ReadersMagnet features these five amazing books by mothers, for mothers, and about mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

Listen to Your Mother by Ann Imig

Listen To Your Mother By Ann Imig 4
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First on our list is Amm Imig’s 2015 book that celebrates motherhood and imparts to readers ideas on what it means to be a mother in this day and age. Listen to Your Mothers is a collection of essays which showcases the journeys and experiences of ordinary people of different background, gender, and age brackets, from different corners of the country. Imig takes her readers on an emotional journey through motherhood in all its complexity, diversity, and various stages. Funny, thought-provoking, candid, and poignant, Listen to Your Mother is a truly delightful read that is filled with valuable lessons about motherhood in all its form and glory. A collective voice of mothers, for mothers, and about mothers. To say that the book is entertaining is a gross understatement.

Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou

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Celebrated poet Maya Angelou is synonymous with women’s literature. She is most famous for her riveting poems and bestselling autobiographies. In 2013, Angelou released Mom & Me & Mom and for the first time the civil rights activist and poet laureate shared her relationship with her mother Vivian Baxter. Angelou details the struggle, triumphs, and the life they shared. Baxter was absent for most of Angelou’s early life. Angelou was only three when Vivian sent Maya and her brother away to live with their grandmother. Mom & Me & Mom is all about reconciliation, healing, and the extraordinary lives of two extraordinary women. It’s a must-read for fans of the legendary poet. Angelou died a year after the book was published.

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See

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There’s nothing more fitting read this Mother’s Day than books that celebrate empowered moms. The Island of Sea Women is an epic novel that follows the story of two women working in their village’s all-female diving collective. Their friendship is tested as they come of age at a time of war, social change, and modern technological advancements. See took inspiration from the real-life women divers on the island of Jeju. The Haenyeo (women divers) of Jeju collect seaweed, shellfish, and other seafood. They dive down ten meters for minutes without the aid of any device. See’s The Island of Sea Women celebrates the strength and resilience of women and mothers.

 One Caregiver’s Journey by Eleanor Gaccetta

One Caregivers Journey
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One Caregiver’s Journey truly deserves a spot on our list. Eleanor Gaccetta’s memoir detailing her experience as the sole caregiver for a loved one is a timely read this Mother’s Day. When her mother fell and broke her hip, Eleanor retired from her career as a professional employee for almost 40 years. Gaccetta decided to take care of her mom and take on full-time caregiving duties. For almost ten years, she never left her mother’s side until her mom passed away at age 102. One Caregiver’s Journey is more than a chronicle of one woman’s struggle and transformation. It is a heart-warming book that is filled with stories of faith, hope, perseverance, and one daughter’s unconditional love for her elderly mother.

Between Mothers and Sons by Patricia Stevens

Between Mothers And Sons By Patricia Stevens
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Our list would not be complete with including this wonderful gem about the special relationship between moms and their sons. Between Mothers and Sons is a collection of essays from some of today’s prolific women novelists, poets, and writers including Patricia Williams, Anne Lamott, Eileen Pollack, Naomi Shihab Nye, Jo-Ann Mapson, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Julene Bair, and Sallie Tisdale. The book attempts to answer all sorts of questions related to mothering the opposite sex. Writers recall and explore their own experience from raising toddlers to college goodbyes and adulthood. With different backgrounds, writers impart the joys, struggles, frustration, delights, surprises, and other emotions in their respective journey of raising boys. Between Mothers and Sons is both incisive and entertaining.