Online Brand Publicist New York has seen the potential of StumbleUpon when it comes to traffic generation. It is a social bookmarking site like Diigo, that allows you to save links from articles for later reference and sharing. Once you post your website’s link to this social network, the people will be directed to the landing page of your posted URL. It is also a social voting site that allows you to vote for videos, blog posts, and images, through a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. This is a powerful tool that authors like you can certainly use to reach your readers validation. The following ways will teach you how to properly use StumbleUpon to increase your website’s traffic.

Produce a Great Content
The main secret of your StumbleUpon success is a pertinent and relevant content. That’s why you need to do an intensive research on the article that you’re going to post. Remember that poorly written blog posts will only be buried in the abyss of uselessness. Write a content that matters to the readers and let them know that you have something to share – something to say.
Be Consistent With Your StumbleUpon Posts
You need to plan on how many articles will be posted on StumbleUpon in a month. Ideally, four or more blog posts in order to build your identity on this social network. It is also important that you should not stumble on your post repeatedly to avoid being penalized. Consistency posting, means that you know your responsibility on your blog post and your schedule syndication.
Don’t forget the Category and Tags
StumbleUpon categorizes posts per users’ page by the things that they dislike and like. This social media tool also uses the category and tags that you provided on your shared content. As you post your blog through StumbleUpon, be sure to provide the category of your article, which should represent its discussed topics. Moreover, put your tags or keywords used for your book, so that it will be directed and indexed to its intended readers.
Build Your Following Base
Take the matters into your own hands when it comes to traffic generation through StumbleUpon, you can do this by having your followers to whom you can directly share your content and post. Getting followers on this social network is like getting followers on Twitter, except that there’s no automatic follow back users to rely on. You have to find other users that you can follow, avoid being tagged as scam, so be sure to create your well-informed StumbleUpon profile.

StumbleUpon is often an overlooked social medium as most authors are not tapping into its full potential. Your possible readers are out there on StumbleUpon, looking for their new set of books to take home, hence, give them a shot of what your book is all about and be surprised on how it will go.