After almost two years of having no physical book fairs, one of the most prominent festival hosts is back this month with a two-day event where authors, celebrities, media, and readers come together and celebrate art.

This year, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will include poetry and book readings, performances, demonstrations, and conversations about pop culture, current world trends, or literature – anything related to the book the authors are introducing or the matter they are raising.

In the two-day event, festival-goers will have the chance to meet these creators up close, get to know their journey, and obtain insights from them. Besides their guest authors and celebrities, the Festival of Books will also invite exhibitors, including bookstores and publishing companies, to display books of various genres for the goers to enjoy and consume.

One of the leading and most anticipated events in this festival is the panels, where the audience meets the authors or guests and discusses various topics with them. During this portion of the festival, they can also ask these guests questions about their books. ReadersMagnet will list some of the guests and topics you might encounter to give you a glimpse of what will transpire during the festival.

Putting the Story in History

As a children and young adults book author, Rita Williams-Garcia will be joining one of the panels to discuss young adult fiction. Along with cartoonist Shing Yin Khor, “The Girl with the Red Balloon” author Katherine Locke and other guest speakers, Rita will be discussing their techniques and challenges when writing the genre in which they commonly specialize: Young Adult fiction. During this panel, the readers will have the opportunity to learn more about their books: A Sitting in St. James, The American Dream?, and Between Shades of Gray.

If you enjoy reading Young Adult fiction, you might enjoy this panel and get insights that can inspire you to create your book of this genre. However, if you’re not interested in creating a book, you can still obtain insights that will make you appreciate the process of making a book.

A Discussion About Feminism

If you’re a female who’s all about women empowerment, or you don’t even have to identify as a female, as long as you want to be educated about it or believe that every woman should feel empowered, this panel is for you. Sons of Anarchy actress Dinah Lenney, a LAMBDA Literary Award finalist, and a national bestseller Melissa Febos and other guests come together to give a variety of perspectives as to what they believe encompasses feminism. With these ladies as speakers, there’s no better opportunity to be inspired to take things into your own hands than by listening to their insights.

Once Upon a Crime

If you’re a true crime junkie or enjoy an excellent criminal fiction book every once in a while, you might want to drop by and listen to this panel. You will be joining a former writer of HBO’s The Deuce, Megan Abbott, and Anthony award-winning writer S.A. Cosby as they discuss the essential character connections and storyline they have to consider when writing an elaborate crime story. With these guests, this panel will satisfy your thirst for crime fiction and make you appreciate them more.

Surviving in a Time of Crisis

As the title suggests, this panel will give you insights into how you can cope during trying times – especially with what’s happening in the world now. With trauma and resilience clinician Jennifer Lewis, and author of Mindfulness for Young Adults: Tools to Thrive in School and Life Linda Weston discussing the subject comprehensively, you will leave the event equipped with enough knowledge regarding protecting yourself from this matter.

Apart from these panel events, you can also meet other known authors at the stalls set up by invited exhibitors. ReadersMagnet, for instance, has authors you can converse with at the event, such as Caroleann Rice and many others. These authors will also be selling their books, so you can grab your copies at the event. If you’re an author wishing to join the festival and get your books displayed, you can register on our website. You can also contact us at 1-800-805-0762 or reach us using our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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