Social media platforms offer several options to tell your story and your book to a wide audience. The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS) comes in to maximize social networks with more author-centric features. It is an online podium that exists to address the demands of authors to choose how they would want to present themselves and their books to their readers.

We find it essential to inform you at hand that TFOS is a virtual book fair done annually by ReadersMagnet. It is not a platform similar to a social networking site where you can create an account and log in every day. This means that the opportunity for you to enjoy the benefits of the site only comes for a few days. This year, The Festival of Storytellers will run from October 24 to November 6. That’s about two weeks of utilizing what the event can do to revitalize your author branding and book marketing strategies.

Within the span of 14 days, you can choose your adventure together with online fairgoers and exhibitors. From selecting what content to provide to deciding on how to communicate with your audience. You have to remember that the festival is designed for you and other book lovers. Do all the best you can to maximize the platform for your advantage.

Choose What to Present

The TFOS website has different pages with different functions of exposing the authors to fairgoers. For instance, there is a page where an author will be featured within an hour through a live interview. There is also a page where a group of authors can do roundtable discussions through a Zoom meeting (live or recorded).

By having your own virtual booth at TFOS, you can choose what and how you want to present yourself and your books to your audience. You can do book reading, tell the story behind your novel, share some tips for writing fiction, share your own song composition, or whatever you believe can help to improve your credibility as an author and attract new buyers of your books.

Choose Your Schedule

If you haven’t experienced joining The Festival of Storytellers yet, we understand if you might still be confused about how things work. You don’t have to worry, though, because you’ll be guided properly, from logging in to your booth to browsing the entire website.

One of the important aspects that you have to be prepared for is maximizing your time during the online book event. Since hundreds of authors will be joining the festival, we’ve created time schedules that you can choose from. Though there are pages where the videos and book displays are static, there are instances where time management is necessary. This is to accommodate all the authors and other fairgoers. Again, you’ll undergo a workshop to help you in taking advantage of every opportunity that awaits you. With TFOS, you can market your book your way and at your own pace.

Choose to Interact

While doing live interviews, we encourage you to interact with your audience. At TFOS, a live chat will be available for you, so you can reply to questions or reactions to what you have presented. This two-way communication is beneficial for you to build healthy and strong relationships with your fans, readers, and even co-authors.

You would want your audience to respond while discussing yourself and your literary masterpiece. To do so, you can ask intriguing questions, offer a free book, share a link, or any perks that you can provide in return for participation. It is up to you how you can encourage engagements on your platform.

Visit to see a glimpse of the platform. To learn more about how the website can be of help to you, you can directly get in touch with us by calling 1-800-805-0762. Alternatively, you can send a message to [email protected]. Get in touch with us today!