Book Confab leverages the power of online platforms to expose and gain an audience for indie authors. It’s on top of book displays and social networking. Hence, you must know how to take advantage of the event to ensure the best possible result.

BookTok and livestreaming are the two main activities at the ReadersMagnet Book Confab in San Diego. They are digital marketing strategies for building author branding and strengthening book marketing. ReadersMagnet, a San Diego-based self-publishing and marketing agency, utilizes these methods to empower authors and achieve literary success. Continue reading for further guidance.

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How valuable BookTok is for authors

We’ve been discussing BookTok since the Tribeca and San Francisco events, but there are more things to know about this most popular community on TikTok. If you check out the #BookTok hashtag, you can find a rich source of book reviews, book recommendations, author Q&As, writing tips, book trailers, library or bookstore tours, and more. With the #BookTok and livestreaming at the San Diego Book Confab, TikTok users can watch book reading and open mic sessions from indie authors, including yourself if you’re attending. It’s a way for you and other independent writers to get exposure from the community, which has currently reached 164.5B views.

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What to get from livestreaming the open mic

Open mic sessions provide a platform for self-published authors to introduce themselves, share their writing journey, and read book excerpts. The talk show will be livestreaming on the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts of ReadersMagnet. It’s a way for online viewers to get real-time updates of the event. The live sessions can be shared with the social media accounts of authors, relatives, friends, and anyone participating in the event. Viewers can provide real-time comments where fresh and raw virtual interaction occurs. Separate videos will be used for documentation and #BookTok entries.

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What to do before the San Diego Book Confab

Since BookTok and livestreaming sessions at the RM Book Confab capitalize on virtual platforms, you need to work more on your online presence. Digital media offers creative and impactful methods of author branding and book marketing. Hence, you have to make sure that you are digitally prepared. This is on top of preparing your 30-minute talk, networking strategy, and book marketing plan. You also need to write a blog about the event and create a post on your social media accounts. We will discuss more about this in the next item.

How to take advantage of your social media accounts

Provided you already have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, make sure to reach a good number of followers. Take advantage of the livestreams from ReadersMagnet by commenting, sharing, or responding using your accounts. You may also connect with the other attending authors online and interact with each other to create noise. You can benefit more from this if you’re attending The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books the day before the Confab. After the gathering, you’ll receive a short and edited BookTok entry, which you can then upload or share on your social media networking sites to gain traction from your readers and potential buyers.

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