What will you write about on your next blog post? Whatever it is, make sure you have comprehended your topic well and prepared an effective outline for writing it. And most importantly, may you be at your best when you write.

While you’re at it, have you figured out how to make your blog post sound interesting in order to attract readers? If it is readers you want, you will want to experiment a few things, like tweaking your title, for example.


Why the title is important?

Because it makes you and your brand stand out from among the rest. It helps you build connection with your desired audience.

Writing the perfect title requires as much work as researching the topic for and writing your blog post. In one line, your title, with or without subtitle, teases what your blog post is all about and what readers are to expect. It is what sell your content, get people to click and read your blog post, and get ranked in Google.


Writing the title: templates to try out

Writing a great title is both art and science. It is part writing, part planning, and part experimenting. There are tons of writing styles you can use to create a catchy title, one that will get readers to not only read your post but also share it, buy your book… anything.

Here are three title templates you should try on your next blog post:

  1. Numbers + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale + Promise

“Ultimate” is the word used by social media software company Buffer to best describe the title template above. Readers are long mesmerized by numbered lists, especially if it comes from a blog post that promises benefits. For example:

  • 3 Great Ways to Create an Epic Protagonist That Everyone Will Love
  • 5 Effective Tips for Easier Writing
  • 7 Steps to The Perfect Story
  1. [Do something] like [an expert]

Or you could tweak into something life [Do something] like [an expert] without [something expected or undesirable]. Examples:

  • Create Scary Monsters Like Stephen King
  • Write Romance Novels Like Nora Roberts Without Even Reading Her Books

If you do not have an expert to attach to your title, you can just go generic, like

  • Write Fantasy Fiction Like a Pro
  • Write Like An All-star – Without Leaving Your Regular Job
  • Write Children’s Stories Like A Parent Without Having Children
  1. [Amazing title]: Subtitle

Authors should get crafty and creative with their blog post titles as they are with their book titles (and subtitles). They may be lengthy but they deliver readers’ expectations. When writing a title with subtitle, use the right words and exercise specificity.

  • Villains in Fantasy Fiction: How to Create the Perfect Villain
  • Dynamic Dialogue: 7 Rules for Writing Fantastic Conversation
  • Writing Your First Book: How To Write The First Sentence

There are many ways to write a great title as there are many angles to present your topic. Make sure you set enough time to focus on creating the right title for your blog post. Don’t rush – determine how you will present your topic and consider which title template will work. A title could make or break your blog post, so give it the time and attention it deserves.