ReadersMagnet | Best Hotels and Restaurants nearby Miami Dade College

What is popular during November other than scary pumpkins and witch costumes? Books! Every November, thousands of book lovers from around the globe come together to celebrate a week of literary bliss in the annual Miami Book Fair International. This year, the remarkable literary festival will take place at the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College from November 17 to 24. For eight days, event-goers will get to enjoy a series of readings and discussions from hundreds of authors, graphic novelists, and illustrators worldwide. For those who are planning to come to this annual celebration of literature, but are clueless about the area, worry not! Listed below are some of the best hotels and restaurants you can find nearby Miami Dade College.


  1. The Guild Downtown

Located just 113 meters away from Miami Dade College, The Guild Downtown is a modern apartment hotel that has a business center and provides a 24-hour front desk assistance for the convenience of its guests. It features several leisure facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and barbecue grills. Each of its room is fitted with a kitchen and a private bathroom. Flat-screen televisions and cable channels are also available to entertain resting guests. The price for a one-night stay at The Guild Downtown commonly starts at $174.

  1. Holiday Inn Port Of Miami

Holiday Inn is also a modern hotel located just a few meters away from Miami Dade College. It boasts of several amenities ready to entertain guests including an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and an American restaurant serving continental dishes and cocktails. Its rooms are pretty simple; all are equipped with desks, flat-screen televisions, and coffeemakers. Mini-fridges and microwaves are also available in the hotel’s deluxe rooms, whereas pullout sofas and wet bars are added in suites. Just like The Guild, the usual price per night at the Holiday Inn starts at $172.

  1. YVE Hotel Miami

YVE Hotel is a stylish 3-star hotel located 321 meters away from the Miami Book Fair venue. It consists of modern rooms with free Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, and desks. Its suites also have additional mini-fridges, dining areas, and pullout sofas. To make their guests’ experience even more fun, the hotel offers a chill gastropub serving American dishes, beers, and cocktails as well as a fitness center. The nightly rates at YVE Hotel commonly begins at $102, very affordable for people looking for cheap yet cool place to stay in.

  1. Miami Sun Hotel

The Miami Sun Hotel is a minimal and modern hotel housed in a 1920s building and filled with art-décor. It is located 109 meters away from Miami Dade College, making it a convenient place to stay in for the book fair attendees. Here, guests get to enjoy basic amenities like a restaurant, bar, and laundry facilities. Inside each of its rooms, guests can also avail of a free Wi-Fi and cable television, mini-fridges and microwaves, and an en suite bathroom. For those who are short of budget, this hotel is also perfect as it price per night only starts at $99.

  1. Leamington Hotel

Leamington Hotel is a 2-star budget hotel offering laid-back rooms. Each of these rooms feature a satellite television, free Wi-Fi, and an en suite bathroom. Guests can also expect free continental breakfast, coffee, and tea in this straightforward hotel located just 482 meters away from the Miami Dade College. One of the cheapest hotel around the area, Leamington Hotel has a starting price of only $75 per night.



  1. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille is perfect for those who are looking for heavy and tasty meals to fill in their stomachs. It serves dry aged steaks and exquisite seafood primarily. Located just 965 meters away from Miami Dade College, the Capital Grille is a recommended place for dining and hanging around, as it offers a clubby yet refined setting. Its prices range from $41 to $80.

  1. Tuyo Restaurant

Tuyo Restaurant is one of Miami City’s best restaurants when it comes to ambiance and scenic views. It is popular for its old school yet romantic setting (as manifested by the grand piano it displays in the corner and its tuxedo-wearing servers). The place is especially good for socialites who love fine dining and contemporary American cuisine.  The prices of the dishes and drinks in Tuyo Restaurant usually range from $31 to $50.

  1. Inari Sushi Fusion

The Inari Sushi Fusion is a great place for Japanese food lovers, as it serves plenty of Japanese cuisine to enjoy including rice bowls and teriyaki. Its specialties, however, are its so-called ‘fancy rolls’ named Lachi, Fushimi, and Hamashi deluxe. The prices for these dishes usually range from $7 to $25, quite reasonable prices considering their mouthwatering quality.

  1. Margherita Pizza Beer and Wine

For pizza and pasta enthusiasts, the Margherita Pizza Beer and Wine is a perfect place to go. Situated just a few walks away from Miami Dade College, this restaurant provides an easy-going and rustic-style ambiance. It boasts of premium quality Italian pies, salads, pastas, and wings. Aside from the food, it also offers flavorful beers and wines. The prices here range from about $5 to $15.

  1. Chicken Kitchen

For the health-conscious chicken lovers, the Chicken Kitchen is the place to be. It offers a variety of chicken entries cooked in many styles except friend. It is most popular for its fresh chicken salads and well-marinated grilled chicken meals. Emphasizing on taste, recipes, and health, the Chicken Kitchen adhere to strict guidelines with regard to fat, calories, and cholesterol when it comes to food preparation and cooking. Thus, guests can ensure that food are cooked right in this place. The healthy options here are usually priced at $2 to $11.