For the second straight year, ReadersMagnet will be participating in one of the largest literary event in the United States- the 2019 Miami Book Fair International. While prestige and exposure will always be associated with the event, ReadersMagnet also listed other reasons why authors can benefit from attending the Miami Book Fair.

Exposure to a National Book Fair. The Miami Book Fair is no ordinary book event. It is one of the largest national book fairs in the world. Throughout its 36-year history, many prominent individuals have graced the occasion and each year it attracts an estimated crowd of 250, 000 visitors including people from the academe, publishing and marketing sector, and of course, the media.

Meet the Publishing Community. The Miami Book Fair is above anything else, is a gathering of everyone from the publishing world. Author, publishing houses, book retailers, librarians, literary agents, digital experts, small presses, journalists, media, and the book fair exhibitors will gather under one venue for 3 days and celebrate the love for the written word. That alone is reason enough to attend the 2019 MBF.

Widen One’s Appreciation for Lit. The Miami Book Fair International features a wide variety of lecture programs all geared towards increasing appreciation for literature. Festival of Authors gathers authors from all over the world- Argentina, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, England, France, Finland, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, Israel, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad, and many more. Another literary program is the Evenings With…Series where award-winning authors take turns to share their experience with the audience. Miami Book Fair organizers also feature authors from the Latin-speaking countries and hold readings through the Ibero-American Authors program.

Expose Your Brand to the World. By registering in the Miami Book Fair event via ReadersMagnet’s Book Fair Content Distribution program you get a chance to showcase your book and your brand to the international market. The Book Fair Content Distribution ensures that your masterpiece will be among the books displayed in ReadersMagnet booth. ReadersMagnet is one of the exhibitors in the 2019 MBF event.

Interact with your Target Audience. By registering in the Book Fair Content Distribution program, you also get the chance to meet and greet your book fans and target audience via the book signing event. Each year, ReadersMagnet organizes a book signing event for their authors attending the fair. What better way to meet your fans than in one of the largest book fair event in the United States.

Establish Contacts and Networks. The three-day event will give you the opportunity to interact with people from various sectors in the publishing world. The Miami Book Fair International is a great time to establish contacts and to join different networks that one day might help you with your publishing and book marketing needs.

Opportunities to Learn New Things. Miami Book Fair International is also about fun and learning. Talks and workshops have been a staple part of the fair. Every year, people are looking forward to these mini-events. One popular activity is the First Draft. Participants get to drink their first round of beer for free but the succeeding rounds are products of writing prompts set by the organizers. It’s everybody’s favorite lit workshop.

Get Media Mileage for Your Brand. The Miami Book Fair International is considered a national event. Visitors from the United States and international delegates flock together for a weekend of activities. Of course, where there is a huge gathering, there is media coverage. The Miami Book Fair is covered by both national and international media.

This is Good for Online Reputation. This is the Miami Book Fair International. It’s not some local book fair. It is one of the most prestigious book events in the country. That alone is enough to boost your online reputation as a serious writer.

Meet Stars and Enjoy the Street Fair. Last year, the Book Thief author Markus Zusak, Academy-award winning actor Sally Field.  Yes, you will probably get to meet these Hollywood celebrities and famous personalities but they’re not probably going to talk to you about their latest movies or recent album. MBFI is all about books and literature.

It’s a memorable experience. More than its prestige, the Miami Book Fair International brings forth solidarity among book lovers, may they be writers, publishers, agents, or readers. As an author, it’s always great to commune with your fellow writers, to witness their own narratives, to learn new things, to exchange ideas and to build lasting connections. Overall, attending the Miami Book event is an occasion every serious author should experience.

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