Considering the growing number of writers, getting a publisher is a dream come true for every author. Getting a piece published is considered as the starting point on becoming the next Charles Bukowski or F. Scott Fitzgerald. An author’s career, however, depends not only on their writing styles but also on the way their stories have touched the readers. Book fairs and festivals are events that can significantly help writers expand their connections in the industry, as well as promote their brand. The approaching 2020 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is a shot for authors to shape up and develop their careers. It will be held on April 18 to 19, 2020 at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. This event has been conducted annually since 1996, where various people from the literary and art industry gather together to share their love for art and literature.

Book festivals are important events for writers, storytellers, poets, journalists, bibliophiles, publishing agents, and other people that belong in the industry. It is mainly comprised of books and people, where a wide array of books is being displayed to be checked out by visitors. These books may be from a newly discovered author or from a well-known writer, like Stephen King or Coleen Hoover. Also, what makes this activity reader-friendly is that the genre of these displayed literary pieces are diverse. For authors, this kind of event is beneficial because of the following:

  • A Chance to Communicate with the Readers

The elements of the story should fit each other like jigsaw puzzles so it can create a beautiful whole and leave the audience in awe. Every story becomes great if it successfully transmitted its underlying message to its readers. Thus, the author and reader relationship is important. Maintaining the said bond is significant because without the readers, a story will become a failure, just like how a drama become senseless if there are no audience. What book festivals offers to the writers is the opportunity to meet and communicate with its readers, as well as entice others to read his or her masterpiece. This is a shot for both promotion and branding.

  • The Opportunity to Widen their Reader Fan Bases

Since there are numerous authors that participate in a book fair, it is expected that many readers and aspiring writers will attend. These established authors already have the chance to expand their connections and fan bases. They can use marketing materials, such as brochures, roll up banners, and flyers, to be placed at their booths to attract people. The more readers they entice the more sales they can acquire. So, it is a win-win for both authors and their publishers because the more readers a story captivate, the more it becomes successful.

  • Get to Know More Publishers

The relationship of publishers and writers are similar to the relationship of applicants and employers. The writers will send their manuscripts to these publishing companies in the hopes of getting publish. The publishers, on the other hand, will evaluate if the story is worthy of the money and recognition that they will bestow to the author. During literary festivals, publishing agents and authors can be found in the sea of attendees. There is a big chance that the authors will meet these agents and perhaps talk about doing business together in the future.

  • Have their Works Published

Not all attendees of book fairs are book lovers and fans, there are authors and other professionals in the industry. These writers may be self-publishing, under a publishing company, or have no published works yet. Partaking in the book fair is an opportunity for these writers to meet a publishing agent and get their stories published, especially for those without published stories.

  • Meet Other Authors

There is a big possibility that authors will get to know their fellow writers during the fair. It may lead to the formation of friendship between them. Creating a bond with other writers is beneficial because both can relate to each other’s writing issues and experiences. Both parties may consult one other for thoughts and opinions regarding their current output. They may also inspire each another to write if they fall into a writing slump and they can help each other develop into better writers.

Book fairs or book festivals are definitely beneficial and advantageous events for authors.

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