Can you imagine what it is like without books or literature in general? Life would be awful and gray! Books are more than just things. They are the ones that provide wonderful stories to people, give readers a sense of purpose, help others understand the complexities in life, and show individuals that they are not alone. You see, there are just too many good things you can benefit from books that can be applied in life.

What makes a bookworm’s life more interesting apart from reading and collecting novels are the great literary activities like book fairs, book conventions, and book expos. But because of the pandemic, seems like the fun in a literary enthusiast’s life is narrowed down to reading and writing. You probably are missing the experience of going on book fairs with a big tote bag hidden inside of your stylish bags to be filled with new books from your favorite and newly discovered authors.

If the recalling of book fair memories brings a handful of sadness in your bookish heart, then you can brush that sadness off now. Brace yourselves because one of the biggest book fairs in the country is opening its doors for authors and readers next month! Yes, you read that right. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2020 is coming this October, and there’s no need for you to risk your health because they are going virtual.

What could be better than enjoying the comfort of your bookish fortress while filling your literary side with the wonders of the LATFOB 2020? Nothing, because it is the best thing ever! With the use of your computer, you can participate in the event and witness the amazing transition of your favorite fair from physical to virtual. Thanks to The Times for their constant monitoring of the covid-19 situation and putting the safety of the participants first, the famous Los Angeles festival of books 2020 has been pushed through despite all the delays.

Worried that it becoming virtual might take the fun out of it? Worry not because there is still a wide array of activity planned out for you and every other bookworm out there by the Los Angeles Times. It will just like what you had experienced and what you have imagined it to be — plus you get to be protected from the pandemic! Starting on October 18, third Sunday of the month, the LA Times will commemorate storytelling along with panels of brilliant authors, readings, and a whole lot more. These activities will be observed in a span of four weeks.

It has been known by the festival participants that some of the best authors and figures, from Eric Carle to Padma Lakshmi, have been there to spice up the event. Well, that goes the same way with the virtual book festival but made more special because there’s no need for you to go outdoors and travel a long way from home. Also, there are a bunch of promising authors from Readersmagnet LLC that will participate and make the virtual festival more enjoyable as ever!

What are you waiting for? Join the virtual festival of books this October 3-4 and get a whole lot of fun for over the course of four weeks. Make sure that you’ll have a copy of the event’s schedule, which will be released in the middle of this month. But if you are an author who wants to participate in the virtual book fest, then you might want to contact Readersmagnet and be one of their brilliant participants.