Have you ever wondered how many events that honor literature that you might have attended now if the pandemic didn’t happen? Probably more than a handful, right? The ongoing battle between the world and the coronavirus disease has been cancelling all outdoor-related plans of people all around the globe. The literary community, like all other organizations, never got the exemption of organizing events for all mass gatherings are risk in spreading the virus.

It cannot be denied that being unable to go out to enjoy the heat of the sun, meet with the best people, and shop the newly released books is stressful and boring all at once. Who wouldn’t miss the outside world and the amazing things that come along with it? The imposed lockdowns and quarantines are the two rules that are keeping you from going out but how can you complain if they are the things that make you safe and protected?

Bibliophiles and literary enthusiasts are among the people that are stuck at their homes. They would not feel any pain or suffering at first because they are surrounded with books and journals that keep them company and entertained. But as the time goes by, they would start to recall the wonderful experiences in attending various events and activities that celebrates the beauty of literature.

So if you are one of these people, do not worry for the cancellation of events is temporary. When everything is back to normal, you can continue to enjoy the perks of partaking in a literary activity! But first, here are some of the fun events that you are definitely missing and want to reminisce in the middle of this pandemic.

Book fairs

The Tucson Festival of Books, London Book Fair, Book Expo America, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Miami Book Fair International, and New York Comic Con are some of the book fairs and festivals that were postponed because of the pandemic. It wouldn’t be a surprise that you would be missing these fairs! Imagine attending some of the biggest gatherings in the realm of literature? Awesome, isn’t it? You could meet new authors, watch some performances, buy new books, and even make new friends. What more could you ask for?

Poetry slams

The contest where the best poets perform their original piece in front of an audience is called poetry slam. However, poetry slam is only the term used when it is a competition but if it is just a casual performance or presentation it is called as spoken word poetry. The performers can come alone or in a duo but they should be presenting an original poem. A lot of poets of the different eras of literature have contended in this competition, including Sarah Kaye, Phil Kaye, and more. Poetry slams can even become a national competition where the performers compete for the title, prize, and experience.

Book signings

The event that makes every book lover in the world screams their excitements out is book signing. The event is usually held in a local bookstore, a town library, and other venue that can cater many people. It is undeniable that readers are simply checking the page of the authors that they love and fancy in the hopes of them holding an event near their area. Who wouldn’t want to meet the person behind a great story and get your copy signed by the very individual that wrote it? It is surely an activity that not just the readers but also the authors miss.

Stage plays

There is no literary enthusiast that doesn’t love watching dramas and musicals. So, theater plays are really among those activities that people miss attending. The fun that masterpieces like The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Hamilton, Shreck the Musical, and other plays give to the audience is beyond what is expected. All ingredients of stag plays, such as the dialogue, actors, costumes, music, and more, create a truly wonderful whole. Also, they do not just also entertain the viewers but they also hand out messages that can create big impact to the lives of the people.