Books have a deep impact on humankind, whether it be adults or children. No matter what age one is in, books will play a significant role in life. It is unimaginable to be devoid of books. Books plant the knowledge we have today and are a means to escape reality and responsibilities. Not to mention, books build our character and personality. Books or literature in general opens up countless opportunities for readers such as enabling a person to realize and create a groundbreaking change. 

As a result of the many privileges, books bring to humankind, book fairs, book events, and book festivals are coordinated to celebrate the many literary works. Literary festivals are the most awaited event by everyone yearly. These offer an opportunity to connect with readers, authors, and their words and ideas. A great number of literary events are held every year in various locations of the world. Book lovers and enthusiasts are willing to spend time, money, and effort to attend book events. A once in a lifetime experience that will bring different memories and experiences every time. 

However, this was an unexpected year. A contagious virus has forced many bookstores, libraries, schools, and offices to close. Events are canceled including book festivals. All to protect the health of mankind. The world was affected. No country was an exception.

The pandemic has left everyone anxious, scared, and sad. All their plans and dream vacations were aborted. Nonetheless, one of the grandest literary events, the 2020 Los Angeles Festival of Books (LATFOB), will not be stopped despite the delays and circumstances. In this digital age, virtual presence is everywhere and the LA Times— in partnership with the University of Southern California— has decided to adapt to the current trends. The 2020 Los Angeles Festival of Books has been reimagined and has become a community-wide digital gathering for an amazing virtual experience. 

The LA Festival of Books was a regular gathering of writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and emerging storytellers. Due to this fact, it has garnered the attention of numerous book lovers and enthusiasts making this a world-renowned event. This is a two-day event usually held in April. 

The 2020 LA book festival is a virtual book fair that allows readers, authors, and publishers to experience something different from the previous years. The 25th year of this festival of books will be a one-in-a-million experience that no one will ever forget. Instead of the regular two-day event, it will run four weeks starting on October 18, 2020. This year, the Los Angeles Festival of Books has invited big names and promising authors from ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing LLC that attendees should watch out for.

This virtual experience will be a lot more accessible right at your fingertips. Participants will not stress with the travel budgets, schedule constraints, and health risks. Anyone can be in the comforts of their homes and still connect with other people with the use of their computers. But where is the fun in that? This may sound boring to some as they will be only sitting in their homes and not strolling around enjoying the feel of books and meeting authors. Well, worry not, there are ample activities prepared for everyone to participate in. Virtual participants will enjoy storytelling, readings, author interview, exhibition, and so much more. You also don’t need to worry about not being able to join some of the activities. These sets of activities will have their online schedule that will continue for over 25 days. Simply reserve a front-row seat for every online activity for the price of nothing. Visit their website now and register.