ReadersMagnet is now on its third year of providing publishing and book marketing services to aspiring authors. As part of celebrating ReadersMagnet’s anniversary this month, we take a closer look at the victories we achieved during the first half of 2019.

ReadersMagnet started as a small team of marketing experts in 2016. At that time, ReadersMagnet only provided book marketing services to self-published authors. It was only a year after that the publishing arm of ReadersMagnet was launched. Since then the company has grown into a complete self-publishing company offering numerous self-publishing and marketing services. This year, ReadersMagnet continues to work hard to extend its service to authors all over the United States.

A Committed Publishing Partner

This year, ReadersMagnet certainly displayed their game early on. As of July 20 ReadersMagnet published 50 new book titles. About 80 percent of the books have adult readership while 20% are children’s books. While most of the authors have already worked with ReadersMagnet before, we also welcome new authors and their respective titles. Last June and July we were able to published Turtle Tales 1 & 2 by our new author Heidi Lynn Studdler. New additions to our shelf include Attilio Guardo’s The Other Side of Love and The Truth by Pleze Raybon. After last year’s success of author Curtis Booher’s Pumpkin Patch Party, we published his other book The Circus has Left Town last March. The increased number of published titles throughout the first half of the year is a testament of ReadersMagnet is not a scam but a truly legitimate publishing partner.

Gaining its own marketing voice

Last year, ReadersMagnet scored a breakthrough in book fair content distribution by joining the 2018 Miami Book Fair International. It was the first time that ReadersMagnet joined a non-CBE (the Combined Book Exhibit) book event. This year, ReadersMagnet made an early head start by participating in the recently held Los Angeles Time Festival of Books last April. The LA Times book fair is the largest book event in the United States. Earlier than that, ReadersMagnet also launched Authors’ Lounge. It is site where authors can share their articles as well as promote their brand. Aside from article submissions, Authors’ Lounge also features the Author of the Week and the Book of the Week.

Trustpilot Positive Reviews

Perhaps the most rewarding part of any business is customer satisfaction. The first half of the year saw a lot of positive feedbacks form our authors through Truspilot reviews. The testimonials range from pleasant working relation to successful sales to remarkable marketing commitments for ReadersMagnet representatives. Other testimonials also came from authors who did transactions from other publishing houses and found ReadersMagnet Publishing to be a better publishing partner than their previous service providers.

These wonderful reviews along with the gains during the first 6 to 7 months of 2019 inspires ReadersMagnet to continue providing its client authors with quality and affordable self-publishing and book marketing services.

ReadersMagnet offers publishing and book marketing services to authors who want their books to reach the broadest number of target audience. You can contact ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at [email protected] for more details.