Writing a great book is hard but, building a genuine and meaningful author brand is much harder.

What does branding mean to a self-published author? It means speaking out, living out your words, walking your talk, and talking your walk in today’s highly competitive digital era.

With ReadersMagnet’s Online Brand Publicity (OBP) service, you get the best helping in getting your message across and the recognition your brand deserves. What value can you get from an OBP Package?

10 Perks You Can Get With An Online Brand Publicity Package Info banner
  1. Dynamic Website

Showcase your books and give your audience an overview of who you are as an author. Your fully functional, dynamic website acts as your author brand profile and e-commerce portal.

2. Social Media accounts

Integrate social media onto your website to leverage the reach of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to create a community and promote your works.

3. Social Media Synchronization

Other than having your social media accounts set up for you, your weekly blog posts will be optimized to direct social media traffic to your author website.

4. Web Press Release

An original, well-written, keyword-rich web press release can help you get the attention of media outlets, dominate the search engines, and drive traffic to your website.

5. Weekly Blog posts With your dynamic website, you get a blog section where you can publish blog posts. Blogging is the best way to keep your website active and updated. 6. Optimized images Each blog post comes with an optimized image to not only make your blog post look visually pleasing but also drive traffic from images. 7. Keywords for your weekly blogs  Search engine optimization (SEO) through blogging allows you to use the right keywords and phrases, as well as your branded keywords, in your weekly blog posts. 8. Book Fair A Gold OBP Package entitles you to a participation in a national book event of your choice while a Platinum OBP Package is your ticket to a national or international book event. 9. Book Trailer

With a Platinum OBP Package, you get a book trailer. A superb quality book trailer will bring a creative visual representation of your book which will likely increase interest for your book and in turn, increase your sales and online following.

10. Exceptional service

By purchasing either Silver, Gold, or Platinum OBP Package from ReadersMagnet, rest assured that you get the best value and excellent service for your digital book marketing and promotion needs.

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