Every self-published author wants a solid marketing campaign. Most successful authors invest a lot in online marketing services and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. However, print advertising remains one of the basic essential marketing tools. Print media for authors is still relevant today. There are many reasons why print media is important for self-published authors. We narrowed down the list to five. It’s classical. Online commercials and digital ads may flood the Internet but they don’t possess the same charisma as the print advertisement. Print media will always attract people because they stand out from the crowd no matter where they are.  Also, they are not intrusive and mostly distributed to a specific target audience. Lastly, it’s always a unique experience holding a physical copy of a printed material as compared to just scrolling the pages of a website. It offers credibility. Although almost everything is advertising digitally these days, a study showed that people trust print ads more than any media advertising. According to outreachmediagroup, People trust print ads more than digital ads This may come as a shocker, but when MarketingSherpa surveyed 1,200 Americans in 2016, they found that consumers trust print ads more than any other type of advertisement. In their analysis, MarketingSherpa cautions advertisers: “Just know that advertising in newspapers and magazines will tend to add credibility to your product or service, while an online pop-up ad will reduce the credibility for your product or service.” It has a certain connectivity. Again, despite almost everyone going online these days, print media connects to its target audience like no other form of advertising does. People are more engaged when reading a page from a newspaper or a magazine as compared to browsing a page which usually lasts 15 seconds, at most.  People are more engaged when reading printed material than scanning or scrolling a page. Print ads have a longer lifespan compared to online ads. It’s most cost-effective. Print advertisement is cost-effective especially if you know your target audience.  Whether it’s a half page or a full-page advertisement, your material will go a long way especially with a publishing company with a wide readership. With most advertisers going online, it might surprise you that most advertisers are willing to lower their price to replace their lost client or to fill vacant advertising space. It is very comprehensive. Tabloids and magazines generate maximum and lasting publicity. It informs the broadest number of a target audience and the reading public. Each printed material can serve as a stand-alone promotional tool. They are more efficient when used in line with your other marketing campaign whether online or events. Print advertisements are also good for improving your brand recognition and will complement your digital marketing campaign. ReadersMagnet believes in the power of print advertisements. Talk to our marketing experts and we’ll provide top of the line print advertising services for you and your brand. Contact us 1-800-805-0762 | 619-354-2643 or email us at info@beta.readersmagnet.com.