The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly been a challenge for everyone, and bookstores, book launching parties, and book fairs are not exempted. Due to the need for physical distancing and shelter-in-place orders, almost every business is closed down temporarily to curb the severity of the pandemic. Because of this, many, whether publishing houses and authors alike, are questioning how to connect with readers en masse without these in-person opportunities. 

Guess what, ReadersMagnet found the answer, a virtual book fair. We understand that during these unprecedented times, books keep us company and entertained. Thus, a celebration for books and storytellers is a must.

ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing LLC is proud to be one of those given the opportunity to be the outlet of many to share stories amidst these trying times. This book fair is ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual event to celebrate the numerous storytellers behind our favorite books of all time. ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers will be a unique experience for participants. Many have sponsored a virtual event, and book lovers see no difference from each virtual book fair. So, what are the things to look forward to this Festival of Storytellers that you can’t find from other virtual events? 

Fantastic Games

The Festival of Storytellers has main events filled with talks, discussions, workshops, and sessions, which is what all participants attend for. However, this can become boring for participants, especially when it’s discussion after discussion. It is a rule of thumb for event hosts to get people to engage and be involved in most events. Going interactive with the entertainment appeals allows you to associate positive feelings with the event, making it more memorable for everyone. Thus, ReadersMagnet incorporated fun games that all participants can join. Badges will be given after finishing a challenge. Therefore, watch out for the fantastic games we have for you when you attend this year’s ReadersMagnet virtual book fair

Myriad of Exhibitor Booths

What is a book fair without the numerous books being displayed for sale for everyone? ReadersMagnet is known for a self-publishing company with many great indie authors under the company. These exhibitor booths offer opportunities for authors to display their books to authors like them and book lovers. Authors can get noticed and build their readership. For authors, the exhibitor booths ensure a lot of qualified traffic, meaning more sales and more opportunities to spread your gospel. And as for bibliophiles, you will not regret viewing and purchasing the books from these booths as these are amazing works. ReadersMagnet ensures that both exhibitors and attendees are mutually curated to foster connections. 

Informative Talks With Keynote Speakers

For aspiring writers and established authors, learning is still of the utmost importance. Hence, ReadersMagnet made sure to feature keynote speakers. They will be vessels to move information from their brain to yours. These speakers will be a great inspiration for you and will help you discover your potential in authordom. Learn about lead magnet, connecting with readers, branding, and attracting fans when you attend these keynote speakers’ sessions. You won’t have to worry about missing out on one of the keynotes since they’ll be speaking for the virtual events for two days. 

Monumental Online Workshops 

Many of you may be participating in this virtual event to learn more about authordom. So, what better way to learn how to write a book and start your writing career than to learn from established authors. You’ll get the chance to learn firsthand from published authors focusing on a particular genre. These wonderful authors will teach you all the necessary information you need to write your own book. Their workshops will help you advance your writing career. The Festival of Storytellers’ workshops is interactive despite being held online to serve your different needs at different stages of your writing journey. 

That said, register and save yourself a seat today! We are looking forward to seeing you this April. Please feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about The Festival of Storytellers.