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There’s a lot to do in the Big Easy itself, New Orleans, without having to account for the fun and exciting events hosted by the American Library Association’s Library Learning Experience 2023.

The Library Learning Experience invites every aspiring writer and book lover to experience a great time in New Orleans this January 27–30, 2023 and know.

The ALA is not pulling back its punches, promising an arresting and attractive slate of programs that will give participants a memorable suite of sessions, such as workshops, seminars, and more, all designed to provide an “active learning experience.” 

There is much to do in LibLearnX, not just inside the convention grounds but in New Orleans, the Big Easy itself! Enjoy the offerings of the American Library Association, but also experience the deep and rich culture of the Crescent City.

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#LibLearnX23 – ALA Gives Back

Through collaboration with 826 New Orleans, an organization dedicated to cultivating and supporting young local writers, ALA is giving back to the community. Participants of the program will support remodeling efforts of 826 New Orleans’s writing center, including inventory, storefront coordination, furnishing, construction, and more.

If you are handy with your fingers and looking for concrete activities to make use of them, be a part of this unique opportunity and give back to the community. 

Preregistration is required, and participants should be in New Orleans by January 26. Remember: the early bird catches the worm first!

#NewOrleans – History


Boasting three centuries of history, New Orleans is absolutely brimming with character and a whole lot of places, both historic and contemporary, to visit for the out-of-towner.

New Orleans is one of the most visited cities in the United States, with popular tourist spots such as the French Quarter, full of colonial-era architecture, St. Charles Avenue, home to the Pontchartrain Hotel, and Magazine Street, lined with boutique stores and antique shops.

You can also cruise around the city in the steamboat Natchez and observe the city’s distinctive above-ground tombs. 

#LibLearnX23 – Marketplace: Exhibits & Ideas Xchange

Take part in an enormous and busy proving ground, collaborating and interacting with more than 100 exhibitors, including ReadersMagnet. The LLX Marketplace is sure to be one of the most bustling and crowded areas of the convention, catering to at-length discussions on new titles, products, tools, and core services. 

  • Be ready to get meaningfully educated and meet hundreds of like-minded fellows. 
  • Discover inspiration and learn from peer-to-peer conversations from the Ideas Xchange sessions. 
  • Absorb the latest trends and hot topics from ShopTalk sessions. 
  • Visit the ALA Connect Lounge and get informed of future events and what’s happening in the organization. 
  • Walk away with resources, practical knowledge, and inspiration! 

#NewOrleans – Food

Experience the world-famous cuisine of New Orleans, whose dishes combine the flavors of the Old and New Worlds. Enjoy the local, French-inspired beignets, mouth-watering po boy sandwiches, and the New Orleans specialty praline candies.

#LibLearnX23 – Conference Speakers

Hear from a wide selection of heavy hitters from their respective fields, from Ibram X. Kendi and Nic Stone, talking about their new collaboration, How to Be a (Young) Antiracist, to indigenous writers Carole Lindstrom and Steph Littlebird, discussing the importance of self-expression with My Powerful Hair, to a studded panel about uplifting black voices and a conversation with Grammy award-winning singer Ani Di Franco.

#NewOrleans – Music

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A visit to New Orleans would only be complete with learning more intimately about its profound history of music! An important center for music, New Orleans is the home of many important singers, such as Louis Armstrong and Frank Ocean. The city is also considered the birthplace of jazz. 

LibLearnX is shaping up to be a weekend brimming with discussions, solutions, and celebrations.

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