One of the most rewarding and happiest events for authors is when their book gets released to the public. After the significant amount of time and resources that you have spent writing your manuscript, you should guarantee to attain book success. It means that you must ensure to get the return for those you’ve invested in your work, such as a good number of sales. 

So, if your book release is right around the corner and you want to ace the promotion from the pre to post-book launch; then, here are some of the best ways to launch your work that can generate more profits.

Maximize your book website

Making the most of your website can give you loads of perks, especially during this vital moment. Evaluate and make the necessary changes on your site to guarantee to drive traffic and increase visibility. Don’t forget to showcase your latest work on the home and book pages so targets can check it out quickly. In line with that, you have to work on the description, keywords, categories, and other related features about your book to be highlighted on your website, which can redirect them to the checkout page.

Send PR kits to book bloggers and fellow authors

Readers are not only fond of reading your work, but they are also interested in reading book-related blogs. On the other hand, authors give support to their fellow authors by reading and featuring others’ work on their social media accounts. Hence, prior to the soft launching of your book — you can send a PR kit to a bunch of bloggers and writers that you got acquainted or close with. This is to reach a multitude and gain the trust of your targets and widen your connections in the publishing world.

Prepare something for top reviewers and those who preordered

Have you checked out the book pages on Amazon and Goodreads? There are multiple reviews and star ratings below the book details, right? So, make use of the time to look for top reviewers and critics that can give your work a good and constructive review. Prepare something, a gift box or little token, for them to build a network and gain reviews that can support the quality of your work. Also, see the list of those who avail of the preorder sale and include them in your attempt to show your gratitude and love. This is a win-win situation for every party because both can benefit from the act.

Participate in book fairs and other events

Book fairs definitely come in handy, especially when you have a book ready for release. There are also several things that you can get from these kinds of events, such as enhancing author visibility, raising brand awareness, gaining new readers, meeting fellow authors, and more. A fantastic event that you might want to look into and include in your plan to generate more sales in your book release is the incoming The Festival of Storytellers Season Two powered by ReadersMagnet. You will indeed have some fun while hitting your book goals; what are you waiting for? Sign up for TFOS and launch your book there!

Make use of your social media platforms

Social media is a powerful tool for generating leads and gaining profits. Why? People from all around the world use different social media platforms for connection, entertainment, and fun. So, take advantage of these convenient avenues to give your book the traction it deserves and generate more sales. Before that, you also have to invest some resources for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram ads — newsletters and email blasting will also help. Be wise and creative in using your social media accounts.

To sum it up, launching a book is, indeed, daunting and demanding. There are many things to prepare and aspects to consider. But, the result of your hard work, time, and other invested resources is incomparable and fulfilling. So, focus on your goal and keep the numbers rising.