Have you asked an artist for an autograph? How about doing the autograph yourself? Yes, being an author can make you an instant celebrity, signing books from one event to another. How about doing it at the second largest book fair in the world—the London Book Fair?

Wayne Scott Harral joins ReadersMagnet for a book signing at the London Book Fair this year. LBF is next to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s biggest annual book event. ReadersMagnet is honored to have one of the valued authors joining us at Olympia London on April 18 to 20, 2023. Go on and learn more about the author who can take you to the Moon (with wine, perhaps?).

Wayne Scott Harral: From an Engineer to a Novelist

Born in 1957, Wayne Scott Harral has already accomplished much over that period and has traveled to numerous locations. He has been to more than 40 different nations. And every year, he visits the Italian Alps. If not traveling, he might be flying, making wine, doing martial arts, or writing a sequel.

Scott holds a BS and MS in Civil Engineering and an MBA. Before working on his highly-acclaimed sci-fi novel “Moon Luck,” he created a career out of mostly serving the rail business in the United States and Qatar as a construction manager. His experience in the Middle East and extensive travel to many places opened his eyes to the rest of the globe. You can find how vast his knowledge is in his book.

Beyond Book Signing at Olympia London

Doing book signings is not new to Scott. He has been to many events with ReadersMagnet since the publication of his book. However, doing this same thing internationally is a different story. As a home for the London Book Fair and various international events, Olympia could turn Scott’s book signing into a new different experience. To note, this is the first-ever book signing for ReadersMagnet at the event. That makes Scott Harral the first book-signing author we have for LBF ever.

Both LBF and Olympia London have well-established names in the world books. Securing a space at the event is not similar to a regular book signing at a bookstore or a local book fair. The 20,000 to 25,000 annual participants of the London Book Fair attract prominent publishing houses, authors, illustrators, educators, advocates, and rights negotiators from different parts of the globe. Surely, with his vast travel experience, Scott Harral could easily connect with people at Olympia.

The Moon Is Not Far After All

We’ve been talking about the book signing from the start of this blog. We’ve already mentioned the book, and we will say it again. The book that will be signed by Wayne Scott Harral himself at the London Book Fair is the science fiction and mystery novel, Moon Luck. As the title implies, this book tells a story about the moon, a group of explorers, and the possibility of living in that place soon.

As the fans and avid readers already knew, Moon Luck is a tale of 30 astronauts who spent a lot of time on the moon. The story follows the astronaut-scientists and astronaut-explorers as they cultivate plants on the moon, search for mineral ores, conduct experiments and research, and form both strong bonds and animosities. The novel, however, is also tainted with mystery murder.

“This book is a fun and captivating read for any age,” according to Nicole Olson of Pacific Book Review. She further added, “It’s a perfect thriller to read in any season of life and draws the reader in to want more and more – until there isn’t any left.”

Feel free to visit the website of Wayne Scott Harral to learn more about him and his book. For more information about joining the London Book Fair with ReadersMagnet, check out this page. You may also opt to contact us directly at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected]. Reach out to us today!