Link building is the most crucial component of SEO. Along with quality and relevant content, link building is responsible for increasing search traffic. If your goal is to rank at the top of search engine results, you need to embark on an intensive link building campaign. We listed 10 SEO link building tips for you.


  1. Internal Linking.It is the basic method in SEO link building. Internal linking is connecting your pages and post in your website. It helps search engines find related contents in your site as well as its value. Internal linking help promote your site by making it easier for visitors to navigate from one page to another. Latest blog posts linked to your homepage makes it easier for readers to discover them. Internal linking is essential in keeping your domain active and updated.
  2. Scout for backlinks.It’s actually just soliciting backlinks from your list of contacts who have sites and blogs. It is important to ask for backlinks that are relevant to your area of interests. Look for editorial in-content links only as they are the ones that relay search engines an article is worth visiting. Procuring these backlinks from your friends, relatives, and colleagues makes them reliable and safe.
  3. Be active in online communities. Establishing rapport is a key element for an effective link building campaign. Joining forums and group discussions in blogs and social media, you build a connection with other individualsand groups within your niche.  You can even give testimonials for a particular product and in return get a backlink and traffic from that product’s site. These interactions allow you to get updates, tips, and possibly new backlinks in the process.
  4. Update blogs.An active blog site is also good for building links.  You gain attract regular visitors and earn backlinks with quality, useful and relevant blogs on a regular basis. Another way to get backlinks is by accepting guest posts and guest blogging. This two-pronged tactic will help promote your blogs and hopefully earn you backlinks. Though it’s not an instant gain, connecting with other sites within your niche will eventually yield positive results for your link building campaign.
  5. Always be creative.  It’s the ABC of marketing and your site is not exempted. Creativity work hand in hand with quality content in getting people to beinterested in your page. Often, we forget that there are many ways to publish our data, ideas, concepts, and statement. It should not be limited to boring, lengthy articles. Incorporating visual elements greatly help in attracting readers and getting positive reviews which will hopefully translate into backlinks. Stunning images, infographics, videos, and podcasts are all interesting mediums for your content.
  6. Know your competition.Always bear in mind that competition is what fuels the SEO industry. On that premise alone, it is essential to constantly research about your competition and their latest activities. First, know what backlinks your competitors have in common using the Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT). Second, know how your site is faring against your top 10 competitors using Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX).  Lastly, know your competitor’s latest links though the Link Alerts (LA) tool.
  7. Review dead backlinks. Check your site for dead backlinks. Dead backlinksare usually caused by misspelled links, changes in the page’s location, or after a site was re-launched in another domain. Regardless of the cause, these backlinks yield a 404 error.
  8. Be ahead of your competitor.Link building can also be achieved by being the first to publish content for a particular topic. Fresh quality content will always have the upper hand. Your competitors will have to visit your site as reference for their own posts, creating automatic backlinks for your site. Just remember that being ahead means providing the necessary data, analysis, solutions, and covering all possible areas.
  9. Translate mentions into backlinks.When someone mentions your brand, it does not mean that they’ve automatically linked with your page. You need to seek out those mentions using a tool called LinkResearchTools. Just start a backlink Profiler (BLP) report and filter the results by Link Status>MENTION. Once done, you will now contact the webmaster to convert that mention in a link.
  10. Find the most relevant link building opportunities.There are countless forums, blogs and pages within your niche for you to place a guest article or a backlink. However, you only want the strongest and most relevant ones.  With just a few clicks, SERP Research Tool help you find these desired blogs or site. You can then sort out these blogs or sites according to strength, theme, or whatever metric you want. These are just some of the features of SERP Research Tool.