Without a doubt, the Christmas season is one of the most magical times of the year for children, and what better way is there to enrich your child with healthy, stimulating, educational fun on the holidays? Through reading and learning of course! Allow your children’s imagination to grow and expand on the holidays by getting them any one of these top 10 ReadersMagnet-published children’s books created by some of the finest authors and illustrators in the writing community.

Top 10 Children's Books To Give This Christmas (2)

1. A Collection of Children’s Short Stories by Ruthanne Nopson

This series of short stories is exactly what you’d expect from its name – a brief yet whimsical collection of fun stories perfect for reading time, including: “Buster Bunny’s Thanksgiving”, “Mila the Little Turtle”, “Pookie’s Big Adventure”, and “The Magic Snowflake”.

2. A Wonderful Story: Some Insights on Artificial Conception by Gianpiero D. Palermo, MD, PhD

In comfortingly straightforward words, this adorable picture book discusses the subject of assisted conception. The fears, doubts, and inquiries of children and parents on this challenging topic are made open and accessible.

3. Brightly, the Grounded Angel by Gay Sizemore Sauer

Brightly, the one-winged angel demonstrates how, in the kingdom of God, we will all be of service. In this innocently-cute kid’s book, brightly employs his magnificent singing voice, since he is handicap, to soothe newborn babies with his beautiful voice.

4. Danny the New Kid in School by Thorpe, Roslyn C.

In this all-too-relatable story that kids everywhere could benefit from, Danny is the new kid in school, and we all know how rough that is sometimes – everyone can seem strange and mean. But Danny meets another new kid, and with their newfound friendship, they both become confident, self-assured boys, ready to tackle the next phase: middle school.

5. Dasher and the Sleigh-Train byE. Dorinda Shelley

In this Christmas classic, Santa’s sleigh might not fit all the gifts, and Dasher gets sick. Miraculously, a toy train saves the Christmas Eve journey led by the strong searchlight of the generator. The reindeer then visited Dasher and sang a favorite song for him, “Jingle Bells.” This made him feel better.

6. E-Babe by Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins

In this sci-fi Christmas tale, three detectives work for the Milky Way Space Patrol Station and are going to work on a special investigation involving locating the family of the president and his starship. There is a special gift on board the lost ship the day before the Christmas party, and President Colleton is calling for help in solving the mystery.

7. Good Night by Natalia Padilla

A great movie could be made from the book “Good Night”. It’s about a little girl’s daily routine. This book helps readers improve their vowel and consonant sounds.”

8. Jo Jo’s Adventure by Joyce Nealy

Jojo the pet bird lives in a large cage, dreaming about the outside world when Sparky the Family Dog runs in and out. This story follows his adventure when he finally picks the lock on his cage and explores the open world.

9. Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad: Safety First! by Keith Niles Corman

Katie and Kenny, along with their aunt, are taken by a railroad engineer on a tour of the nearby railroad yard. “The purpose of the story is to expose learners to the role of railways in our societies, their significance, and to emphasize safety around railroads and their facilities: “NO PLAYGROUND!”

10. Is it Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza

Mother Rebekkah has been baking Christmas sweets all day in this adorable tale based on real events, arranging them in a beautiful goodie bag packed and decorated with a red bow on top. A tradition of baking for a Holiday Celebration and leaving aside a special bowl for Santa.