No matter how seasoned you are as a talker you may be, preparedness will undoubtedly help guarantee an effective understanding of the topic and can make you feel more comfortable in the interview. Not only is it a perfect opportunity to address subjects you’re passionate about it can also be an effective way to share your listeners’ knowledge! There are a variety of issues to talk about when it comes to scheduling the conversation.

Radio interviews are an incredible platform for your message to be recognized and for your business to be known. A radio interview can be an intimidating task if you’re not well-trained. Reap the benefits of this chance and excel in your interview by using these guidelines, which we have split into “For the Guest” and “For the Interviewer,” to cover the do’s and don’ts for all the parties concerned, and to include a comprehensive guide for a quick, insightful and efficient radio interview.

Tips In Preparing For An Actual Radio Interview

For the guest:

    1. Familiarize your medium

    Speak “to” your audience rather than “at” them. Proper tone and conversational skills must be tailored to fit your audience as well as your overall program.

    2. Know your message thoroughly

    Through the perception of the audience, a straightforward voice would be unforgettable. Concisely long answers can complicate your message, contributing to possible loss of value to the audience.

    3. Try not to market yourself too much

    Viewers obviously don’t want to hear your sales pitch. Instead of constantly pushing your cause, find a way to strategically bind your call-to-action to your responses.

    4. Do your own research

    Observe other radio interviews facilitated by your host in the past. Get a glimpse of how the program flow is and internalize the tone and vibe of other segments.

    5. Stay calm

    Listening to the host’s speech and yours through the headset during the conversation can be very disruptive. Remember to relax, because that is going to help you concentrate.

    For the interviewer:

    1. Choose a good guest for your show

    Every guest you welcome must enrich your radio show and offer insight into the chosen topic. Begin by looking at the experts in whatever area or business the topic is associated with.

    2. Make the guest feel welcome

    A welcomed guest feels more comfortable during the interview. Seek to make them feel like they’re speaking to a friend – the conversation feels more natural and comfortable that way.

    3. Prepare your questions

    Preparation is key! Have a brainstorming session and write down any questions that come to mind when you think of your subject and your guest.

    4. Make sure you’ve done your research ahead of time

    It’s highly important to research the chosen topic in advance. You must naturally know more about the topic than your listeners do so that you can provide a clear introduction and compose the correct questions.

    5. Use social media to announce interviews

    Social networking is an effective medium to share news and achieve exposure. Be sure you let your viewers know in advance that the next interview is on the way.

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