Imagine the incredible things that technology and innovation have brought to every book lover. There is nothing that can top the convenience that they bring! As a full-pledge book worm, traditional printed books are already amazing, but electronic books are definitely game-changers. 

So, if you ever desire to author the next best-selling book and consider having it published as an e-book, you should take a look at the tips and benefits of publishing an e-book.


Write a great story 

An e-book wouldn’t exist if there’s no story. Organize your thoughts so you can give life into a captivating story. Afterward, get into the actual writing process and make sure to write a tale that can leave a significant impact on the readers.

Ensure that the entire eBook is captivating

Like printed books, the entire appearance of a novel can affect its total quality. Making sure that your e-book is a package deal is essential so that you can magnet a bunch of readers and increase your sales. From its cover to its story, your book should scream perfection.

Select a publishing platform

There are different platforms that can cater to your publishing needs. Unlike printed books, where it is a struggle to have a work published, you have the upper hand in choosing a platform where you could release your book. You could be a part of Kindle Direct Publishing in Amazon or choose others, such as Google Play Books, iBooks, and more.

Complete the book information

Since you are publishing online, there is a need for you to supply complete information about your work. Hence, ensure that the book title, book description, alt text, meta tags, meta description, and other essential data are there.

Establish a reasonable price

Pricing can be a hard task. You should set a price that matches the value of your story and the resources that you have spent on it. Although e-books are cheaper than paper and hardbacks, you should still know how to establish a reasonable price for the benefit of you and the readers.

Format and publish your e-book

Craft your e-book into its final form. This is where you should put the finishing touches and see to it that the e-book is ready to be released. Then, hit that published button. Viola! You now have a published e-book.

Take advantage of the online world for marketing

It is undeniable that digital marketing is the next best thing after the traditional one. People are already everywhere on social media, so make the most of it and market your e-book on them. Create and manage accounts that can enhance your product’s online presence. 

Strengthen your brand

Brand awareness is one of the biggest perks of publishing an e-book. Why? Because you are conquering and marketing in the online world, encouraging every bookworm not only to check out and download your book but also to get to know your products better.

Increase your author visibility

Being known as an author gives an incomparable sense of fulfillment and pride. By getting an e-book published, you can easily opt to increase your author visibility and maximize your platforms. 

Expand your reader base

With your e-book being made available online, it can definitely create a good impact on your reader base. The convenience of purchasing and downloading the book, which your targets can read anytime and anywhere, makes your product more amazing.