WTO or Web Traffic Optimization, by definition, is the process of optimizing a website to get a better visibility and ranking in search engines. This includes but is not limited to semantic keyword research, keyword utilization, website auditing, on page optimization, off page optimization, and more. WTO can be a complicated thing to deal with; however, its complexity is what makes it stand out. It is because it brings a lot of benefits for businesses and people, like authors, who want to uplift their marketing game by taking advantage of the digital platform.

Understanding Web Traffic Optimization is the primary step in increasing traffic for authors’ blogs and websites. It is because no matter how good the content of each author’s online pages if it did not make it to the first page of the search results, then it will fall to the wasted effort category. Low search ranking equals to low CTR or click through rate. Therefore, WTO is the best option for authors to develop better domain authority and visibility. The following are some of the main points to explain why WTO is important for authors:

  • Enable
    search engines to interpret your site

Search engines are tools that help end-users to find necessary data from the WWW or World Wide Web. The process on how these things rank websites is also complicated. Most of them have crawlers or spiders that will collect a bunch of information resulting to the production of searchable web pages. One of the many popular search engines today is Google. So if an author optimizes his or her site with contents embedded with high-ranking keywords, the search engines would most likely evaluate and index the author’s site. That said, there is a big chance that it can rank on the search result’s first page.

  • Get
    better ranking on search engines

The word “rank” has already been mentioned multiple times, that means that it is a vital part of WTO. If an author has a well-written piece and applied WTO keywords on his or her work, the page would probably get a good rank in the SERP or the search engine result page. SERP ranking is directly proportional to visibility. That said, the better the rank means the better the visibility of an author’s site.

  • Draw more
    website visitors

Authors engage in the online platform to expand their connection with their readers. For this reason, making use of WTO and its components can significantly help their sites to attract a lot of audience and visitors. Since the sites of authors usually contain articles and other written outputs, they can shoehorn some keywords to their content to uplift their sites’ visibility. An increase in the search engine ranking means better click through rate. In other words, there is an improvement on the amount of people that has visited one’s site, as well as there is a possible development on the current reader-base.

  • Boost
    website traffic

Boosting web traffic is among the many objectives of WTO. The websites, social media accounts, or blogs of author’s must rank on the first page and improve their click through rate so that they can create traffic. What’s in it for authors? Everything! This means that people, fan or not, have been visiting their pages and reading their contents every now and then. It also creates an opportunity for authors to acquire more readers and to market more.

  • Increase
    brand awareness

Branding plays a vital role in business. You can compare it infants. When a baby is born, what sets that infant apart from others is not only its attributes but also its name. That said, creating a brand and increasing brand awareness is important for authors. It is because no matter how many great stories an author created, it would not matter for readers if the writer’s name does not ring a bell. In WTO utilization, it is guaranteed that authors can improve their brand awareness campaign just by making sure that their sites get good ranking and traffic.

  • Establish

Like businessmen, authors also strive to maintain their brands and names clean and trustworthy. Increasing traffic for authors with the help of WTO means that their reader-base is expanding and their pieces are being read by a wide array of readers. One of the most important thing that an author should not commit is deceiving the readers. It is also a red flag in WTO. Moreover, maintaining a good content, rank, and traffic with the use of WTO is the only thing essential for authors to acquire brand recognition and maintain the readers’ trusts.

Web Traffic Optimization may be complicated, however, it brings a lot of pros to an author’s site. If you want to get a better grasp on WTO, you may contact our publishing consultants and get to know more about our WTO programs today!