If you are a book lover, an aspiring writer, or a published author who is a fan of participating in book fairs, then you might already be familiar with virtual book festivals. Months after the pandemic outbreak, many events that celebrate the beauty of literature have been either canceled or postponed. The publishing community is the most affected by these interruptions, which is why they come up with a solution to push through the events that boost the enthusiasm of readers and authors by organizing virtual book fairs.

The Festival of Storytellers is one of the virtual book fairs that aim to provide fun and learning to book worms and writers from all over the world while keeping them safe from the pandemic. This ReadersMagnet virtual book fair will happen from April 23rd to April 25th and April 30th to May 2nd, 2021. There is no need to worry about booking a flight or finding accommodation because you can join this event for FREE within the comforts of your home!

There are many reasons why authors should join The Festival of Storytellers — well, not just authors but bibliophiles and writers too. This 6-day amazing virtual book fair was made possible by ReadersMagnet with Book Aid International. Furthermore, TFOS 2021 aims to help participants learn, connect, and grow along with the progress of the literary and publishing industry. But how could fairgoers achieve these aspects? Here are the ways how.


Learning never stops. Whether you are still taking your first step towards success or you are at the peak of your career, you still stumble upon different lessons along the way. In this remarkable virtual show, you can learn a lot of things that you can apply on your journey of becoming a published author. Since there will be many talented speakers that will give their talks, you can definitely pick essential tips, lessons, and suggestions that will do you good in the future. These speakers include Kate Delaney, Krista Neher, and more.


Imagine participating in an event with multiple brilliant people and several amazing works. Well, that’s how book fairs usually are — an awesome event that brings out the best authors, readers, books, and speakers. Those who have are already part of the publishing world know how tight the competition is. Getting your works published means that all hard work and all rejections are worth it. But, before that success was a tough waiting game and worsening anticipation if whether the manuscript is good to go or still needs improvement.

Hence, book fairs surely give people the avenue to expand their connections, do collaborations, and learn tips from established authors, aspiring writers, and book lovers. This virtual book exhibit by ReadersMagnet provides the participants a good platform to widen their network and get the chance to broaden their reader base. With the show’s hourly activities, specifically “Author of the Hour,” you can definitely meet, greet, and connect with these talented individuals. Although the show is done virtually, you never know how much comfort and benefit this can bring to the business side of the publishing world.


Growth has always been essential. But, how can you grow just by attending book fairs? Your primary motive might be to have fun checking out books, promote your newly published book, hear the wise words of speakers, or hope to get your works published. But as you lend your ears and focus your attention on the event, you will slowly process the information that you have gathered and apply it to your life. Without you knowing it, you are recognizing your writing mistakes, taking the tips, and growing into a better book lover and writer just by becoming part of book shows.

Virtual book events surely bring you all the learning, fun, and development that you never thought you needed until you possess them. So, take part in this awesome ReadersMagnet virtual book exhibit now and save your seat for FREE!