ReadersMagnet brings you its first-ever virtual book fair that will surely set your passion for writing and literature blazing!

The Festival of Storytellers is an online book festival by the remarkable self-publishing company, ReadersMagnet. This exciting event is scheduled to happen from April 23 to April 25, 2021, until April 30 to May 02, 2021. Many amazing perks and programs are waiting for you at this event!

This ReadersMagnet virtual book fair is the perfect program for book lovers, published authors, and most especially for aspiring writers. With everything that is happening in the world right now, igniting your love for literature and harnessing your talent in writing might be what you need to alleviate the tension and stress that you are feeling. Many gatherings in the publishing world were halted or postponed after the world was stricken by the pandemic. Luckily, companies and organizations found a way to maximize the online world to bring attendees to the book fair within the comforts of their homes.

When you think of book fairs, you may instantly think about book exhibits, authors, and book worms swarming around the area. But, somewhere in the crowd of fairgoers, there are also these brilliant individuals that are successful authors in the making. These aspiring writers can definitely benefit a lot from attending book festivals, such as TFOS 2021. Thus, how could they can hone their skills and become the next best-selling authors by being a part of the ReadersMagnet virtual show? Here’s how.

Attend workshops from your most comfortable space

You probably have heard about the term “workshop” in your school, work, and such. There are many types of workshops and each is tailored to hit the areas of improvement of every attendee. In TFOS, you can save a seat for FREE and join excellent workshops that push you toward your goal of getting your works published. These workshops can surely mold writers to think of themselves as established writers and begin writing in a more serious and committed manner. This type of learning enhancement activity can increase the knowledge of these writers when it comes to creative writing, storytelling, and more, which they can apply to their work moving forward.

Learn from outstanding speakers

The speakers that are scheduled to give their talks live during the event are among the excellent ones in their field of expertise. There is no need for aspiring writers to spend money on tickets, fares, and accommodation because they will be able to attend their talks using their devices and internet for free anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the sessions include Leads Magnet for Publishing by Saundra Dalton-Smith M.D., Personal Branding Keynote by Krista Neher, and Attracting Raving Fans by Kate Delaney. Each session will definitely shower these developing talents with information that they need to enhance not just their writing style but also how to market their writings.

Catch your literary heroes live

Imagine having the chance to meet your literary heroes and getting the opportunity to meet other inspiring authors. That would be crazily amazing! These remarkable people play a great role in fueling the passion and encouraging these inspiring writers to continue writing their hearts out. Having personal encounters with the people that you look up to and that have inspired you, even if it is only virtually, can boost your motivation and confidence. With The Festival of Storytellers’ “Author of the Hour” segment, aspiring writers that will join the book fair will surely have the chance to see, hear, and learn from these authors. They aren’t only given the chance to meet their heroes but also provided by the opportunity to discover new authors to idolize.

So, if you are one of the aspiring writers who miss attending book fairs and desire to improve your writing skills, then you should be part of TFOS 2021. Save your seat today!