Reading can seem like a solitary activity, but connecting with other like-minded readers can remind someone that they are never alone. And for that, many are hosting book festivals to bring readers, authors, and figures in literature together to celebrate literature. Book festivals have become a source of joy to millions across the globe. Every year, not one book festival failed to deliver. And this year, despite the pandemic, the festivals will go on. One of the most awaited and biggest book festivals this 2021 is The Festival of Storytellers. What?! A festival in covid times? Well, it’s normal to have this response when you tell people because of the risks. 

As the world adjusts to the new reality of life under self-quarantine in the midst of the covid pandemic, TFOS 2021 is taking the festival online to share some reading joy during these trying times. All the fun activities are put on hold, and it can be saddening for some. But there are plenty of activities you can attend from the safety of your couch. All you need is to register and join in the celebration of thanking books. You may have lots of questions in your mind right now. And one of them would be: how does ReadersMagnet’s book fair give silver lining and fun for literature lovers in this pandemic? 

Distraction from Reality

For many of us, this time of the year is a time for finding joy in traveling and celebrating book festivals over the summer. Covid has changed the ball game completely. The pandemic has caused enormous losses in the economy, work, interaction, and even in our lives. It is absolutely important to attend The Festival of Storytellers now, more than any other time. The world is without a playbook due to the pandemic. At this time, you probably have a list of successes and oodles of failures. And now, you have the “I don’t know what to do.” As we all know it, books have always had the power to bring us somewhere other than where we are, whether that’s fantasyland or to a different time in history. TFOS 2021 hopes to do the same. We want to bring back your passion for books, distracting you from your worries. By attending, you can escape your surroundings and immerse yourself in the world of literature.

Brings Everyone Together

We love creating memories. It brings butterflies to your stomach every time you remember something good from the past, right? It has been a year, and the memories we’ve created are only those of the unquestionable challenges brought about by the pandemic. However, The Festival of Storytellers hopes to change that for you. ReadersMagnet wants to give you a six-day celebration that will bring you joy for the whole year, a memory that you will forever cherish in your heart. We also don’t want you to feel left out; therefore, we made sure this festival is open to everyone, and we mean everyone. Whether you are an author, reader, aspiring writer, or exhibitor, you can join in the fun and learn more about literature. The 2021 TFOS will surely never be a dull celebration day for you. 

Keeps You Connected

One perk of attending virtual events is that you get to participate in fun activities from the comfort of your own space. It is a great opportunity for you to have new interactions and engage with others. In the era of physical distancing, connection is important in maintaining our mental well-being. You might be in a disposition of feeling alone and lonely. Thus, attending a virtual event can give you a change of scenery, allow you to try new activities, get creative, and connect with other people outside your usual circle. TFOS 2021 aims to bring people together, enjoying the same hobby and fostering love for reading. With this virtual event, you can make friends with people who enjoy the same book as you, discussing them together. We can help you make connections, find your community, give you flexibility, the opportunity to get involved, and discover new bonds.