Indie authors need more exposure and networking to market their books and make themselves known. That’s where ReadersMagnet’s TFOS website became an indispensable platform during the two-weeks Empire State Book Tour. It’s a virtual hub where authors get noticed by potential buyers and connect with other writers.

The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS) is a virtual book fair dedicated to helping self-published authors get heard. The fact is that many publishing houses only focus on printing books and making them available in the market. Fortunately, ReadersMagnet, a finalist of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, doesn’t start and end in publishing. The company also markets indie books by creating physical and online events, such as TFOS and the Book Confab.

Online Exposure

Having no online presence in the digital age is critical for authors seeking readers, let alone book buyers. More than anything else, TFOS has taught authors the importance of having online exposure. Self-published authors have maximized three sessions: Roundtable Discussions, Author of the Hour, and Booth Live Streams.

The Roundtable Discussions enable the authors to share their thoughts with co-authors about a particular topic, such as writing style, character development, eBook publishing, book-to-movie opportunity, and more. Meanwhile, the Author of the Hour features a writer with a host or interviewer. Real-time comments appear from the online audience, making the one-hour interview more engaging. Live Streams from author booths, specially created on the TFOS website, give freedom for authors to be creative and interact with the participants or commenters.

Social Networking

The end goal of virtual exposure is to maximize social networking for your brand and marketing initiatives. It’s a way to build new connections, learn fresh ideas, and boost your online presence. This is especially necessary for self-published authors who are still building a name in the industry.

TFOS Chapter 3 offers the opportunity for authors to learn new book titles and connect with other writers. The engagement, however, is not only exclusive to author-to-author connection but also to author-to-reader and author-to-publisher interaction. This type of social networking is highly significant, particularly for authors who don’t have websites and social media accounts. It encourages them to create a more substantial online presence.

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