May it be new or well-known authors, people are always interested and excited to see the creators of wonderful books. Tucson Festival of Books is a chance for the fans to talk with their favorite authors and for the people that are book enthusiasts, they can discover new books and authors in this event that will happen on March 12 – 13.

Here are ten reasons why the Tucson Festival of Books is an event to remember:

  1. You will meet several published authors. Many known authors are going to attend the Tucson Festival of books which is one of the largest book events in the country. Thus, you can meet your favorite authors and have a chance to talk to them. Furthermore, authors can get acquainted with their fellow writers.
  2. ReadersMagnet will be joining you at the Tucson Festival of Books. We at ReadersMagnet are known to represent our authors and promote them for this two-day event. Participants will be able to enjoy the booth that we will be setting up, giving the authors more exposure than they deserve. In addition, the ReadersMagnet’s exhibitor’s booth will be manned by our dedicated and accommodating staff.
  3. You’ll be able to see books and encounter authors face-to-face. Due to the pandemic, the Tucson Festival of Books has not been able to host a book event physically but now they can and they will! It is always a different experience to see your favorite fans and authors with their books in person.
  4. Numerous entertainment is provided throughout the book fair. Not only does the Tucson Festival of Books a book fair, but it is also an event that has parades, choirs, circuses, storytimes, food vendors, and many more! These can all be enjoyed by the participants.
  5. A book signing event can be established. Having a chance to set up a book-signing event is a good way to endorse or promote your book. Being able to interact with your fans and the readers who are interested in your book is also great exposure for the author.
  6. Open forums and board discussions can be attended by participants. Board discussions and open forums are a great opportunity to learn more about publishing, book marketing, and writing. Throughout the two-day book event, the Tucson Festival of Books will organize and provide these things.
  7. You can explore wonderful stories and knowledgeable works. The Tucson Festival of Books 2022 will have storytelling programs with varied themes, presenting interesting stories and literature. This book event will honor outstanding authors, great talents, and literary excellence. Multiple rewards will be presented throughout this two-day event.
  8. Rising stars can be witnessed by participants. Some new authors have the talent and potential of becoming the best, and witnessing their starting point is a very great thing to remember. Being new to an event with countless participants and tourists can be overwhelming indeed but it is a life-changing experience every book lover/writer must get.
  9. The book event allows authors to extend their contacts. A physical book fair is a fantastic way to meet publishers, journalists, book retailers, fellow authors, and other people who might be able to help promote your book. This makes your participation in this book event memorable. The Tucson Festival of Books will be attended by well-known literary organizations.
  10. You are exposed to international media. Authors who want their stories heard might benefit greatly from media exposure in this current era of digital platforms. Attending this year’s Tucson Festival of Books means garnering media attention not just from the local press, but also from worldwide media, which will be covering one of the anticipated physical book events of the year.

We at ReadersMagnet are inviting everyone interested to join the Tucson Festival of Books on March 12-13,2022, at the University of Arizona Mall, Tucson, AZ. We are excited to be part of this physical book fair after enduring the pandemic. For more information, you can visit the Tucson Festival of Books website: