The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has altered our everyday routine. In an effort to contain the virus, many countries across the globe have restricted travel, suspended work and classes, and imposed temporary lockdown to urge people to stay at home. Now, streets have become emptier than usual. People are staying inside their houses almost every hour of every day. The silver lining here is that, at least, people now have more time to spend with their loved ones. Even though boredom may strike every once in a while, the important thing is that, on top of being safe, you now have an opportunity to discover news things and develop new skills while at the comfort of your home.

Cook some good food

The pandemic has forced many restaurants and food chains in affected areas to close. Some have also limited their operations to ensure safety in food preparation. Even so, you need not to be so much disappointed that your favorite restaurant has temporarily closed because you can always make your own food at home. While on a lockdown, take this as an opportunity to improve your cooking skills. Learning or developing your cooking skills may be difficult at first, but there is always a lot of resources on the internet that can help you in this endeavor.

Have fun with music

Everyone loves music. Many people love to listen to their favorite songs, dance to groovy beats, and even play musical instruments. During a lockdown, music is always a great idea to beat the silence. Turn your speakers on and blast music off while acting like a disc jockey at home. Now that you are forced to stay in your house, why not just make the best out of it? Sing all of your favorite songs, dance to a loud music, and if possible, go and grab that instrument you have no longer played for years.

Sort your files and clean your mess

Before the lockdown, you were probably so busy with your classes or work that you already forgot to sort out the files that piled up on your table at home or to clean the heavy dust collected under your bed. Now, take this time as an opportunity to turn your home into paradise once again. Sort your files, start from the most needed to the least needed ones. If you have files that you no longer need, better throw them away – do not be such a hoarder.

After arranging your files, make some time to clean your whole room as well – you can even clean your entire house if you want. It is not good for the health to live in a mess, both literally and figuratively. This pandemic is an ultimate reminder that hygiene and cleanliness are very important. So, change your bed sheets, remove stains from your window, clean your bathroom, sweep the floor, spray some disinfectant, and stay clean and safe always.

Read great books

Aside from restaurants, the pandemic has also forced bookstores and libraries to close temporarily. Despite this, however, your eagerness to learn should not be hampered by your inability to go out. In fact, the lockdown has provided you with so much time to finally read the books that you have been stocking in your bookshelf. Books are not meant to be displayed, but to be read rather. If you do not have any book in your bookshelf, then you can always find one on the internet. There are a lot of ebooks available online for you to read. Take this as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop your imagination through reading.

Start blogging

If you are an aspiring writer or if you just love to write for fun, then you may want to take this time as an opportunity to start blogging. Blogging is a creative way to spend your lockdown days at home. Create a blog where you can share your ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Your ability to weave words beautifully together is something that you should develop. There are lots of blogging services online to help you start your blogging journey. With the help of the internet, you can easily share what you have to say to a significant number of people. Who knows? Your blog may even serve as an inspiration for others.

Take a pause and reflect

The COVID-19 crisis has really challenged people not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Everyday, people are struggling to get by. Everyone is left with no choice but to just wait for things to get back to normal. Nonetheless, this is not the time to be pessimistic and hopeless. Instead of sulking, you should take this time to reflect. This is a perfect time to introspect and check on yourself. Reassess yourself – your character, accomplishments, and goals. This is the time to heal and transform. More so, alongside your personal healing, make sure that you contribute to healing the world as well.