Self-publishing companies continue to shape the literary landscape and the publishing industry. The past few years saw self-publishing expanding its influence and with its various set-up, established itself as the first option for most aspiring novelists. The coming 2019 is a very exciting year for self-publishing. Whether it’s Indie, Partnership, Hybrid, or publishing in eBook format, self-publishing continues to attract more readers mainly because of the following:

  • Investing in quality book covers.

Self-publishing companies and eBook distributors are investing in great quality artworks and designs for book covers. this is high expectations for designs and layouts both for print and eBooks especially with the recent launching of various design software such as Krita, Fotor, and ArtRage.

  • Influx of great and unique stories.

Thousands of great talents are choosing to self-publish every year. While traditional publishing ensures quality and established writers, self-publishing’s more lenient nature allows them to gather and scan the most number of stories from every genre. It’s almost a saturated market and every now and then great stories find their way into self-publishing companies. In recent years, Kindle Direct Publishing has produced many best-selling works and millionaire authors. The coming year should be no different.

  • Publishing made even simpler.

Each year, publishing companies and online distributors continue to make publishing as easy as one-two-three. With just a few taps and scrolls, you can now publish and market your book online. And there seems to be no stopping eBook distributors from publishing hundreds of books every week. The Permanence of Print Publishing It’s hard to equate reads with sales. This year 67% Americans adults said they have read a print book within a span of one year while only 26% actually finished an eBook read. But almost every survey would tell you that more than 70% actually purchased an eBook while sales for print books are only between 15 to 20% this year. Regardless of these numbers, it is still safe to assume that print books are here to stay. Audiobooks Making Some Noise Aside from eBooks, Audiobooks are also gaining popularity. Despite the decreasing number of Americans actually reading books, there is a steady rise in audiobook readership. In many parts of the world, audiobook companies such as Simon and Schuster, Audible UK, and HarperCollins digital recorded increased in sales. Since listening to audiobooks is more convenient than actually scanning the pages of a printed book or scrolling down a tablet, we can expect more Americans to actually turn to audiobooks next year and in the next few years. The Era of eBook Dominance By the end of this year, eBook sales are way better than printed book sales which shared 30% sales with Audiobook sales (8-9%). Kindle Direct Publishing, Createspace, and Audible share the largest chunk of the slice, leaving some 20% for Kobo and Apple. Publishing in eBook format is becoming a lot easier and cheaper than many choose this option rather than haggle with print publishing. This is despite the fact that publishing in eBook format does not guarantee longer visibility due to the fact that hundreds of new stories are being published in eBook format every week. Still, we can expect that 2019 will produce more eBook best-sellers. Steady Rankings for Book Genre Sales Since 2017, the top 5 book genres in terms of sales remain the same with minor interchanges in the top three spot. Romance, Crime/Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror remain the main bestseller. Increase in Science Fiction novels might increase especially with the success of minimalist sci-fi novels such as The Martian and The Gone World. The Role of Self-Publishing in 2019 The market for non-traditional publishing is continuously expanding with more authors wanting to have creative control and revenues for their work. They allow authors to be in command and to limit their expenses to services availed. With the growing market, 2019 is a great time for non-traditional publishing companies to provide quality publishing services and to showcase a comprehensive marketing campaign for potential clients. Readersmagnet is ready for the coming 2019. With our comprehensive publishing and marketing services, recent partnerships, and scheduled national and international book fairs, we are ready to share your story with the world. Contact us today at Office Number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 or email us at [email protected]