Boosting your brand and marketing your book are not easy tasks. This is especially true if you’re an indie author starting to build a name in the industry. The process could be both expensive and time-consuming. Thus, experiencing FREE marketing services from a reliable self-publishing agency is a big help for your current initiatives.

ReadersMagnet’s RMazing Bonanza is back with a Grand twist you won’t like to miss. Because the Book Confab in Tribeca, New York last October was a blast, the company will be doing the same thing in California next year. This is the big twist that will be added on top of the perks you’ll enjoy if you win the RMazing Bonanza levels 2 and 3.

Perks for Level 1 Winners

Like the past quarter of the RMazing Bonanza, the two Level 1 winners will enjoy FREE book reviews, blog articles, website features, and social media postings. One way to earn a ticket for this level is to pay any overdue you have for the month of December, regardless of the amount. You can contact your publishing consultant for more information.

Perks for Level 2 Winners

If you win in this category, you will be able to enjoy all the FREE marketing services in Level 1. In addition to that, you have ten social media postings instead of just five. You also have one Author Spotlight that will be posted on YouTube and ReadersMagnet’s social media accounts. The big twist starts here. You will enjoy FREE book displays and excerpt reading at the Golden State Book Confab next year.

Perks Level 3 Winners

The two winners of the Level 3 category can enjoy all the benefits of Level 2 winners. Moreover, the social media postings will go up to 20 items. In addition to the FREE Golden State Book Confab and Author Spotlight features, you can win a free Featured Author Interview with ReadersMagnet. You can also earn a ticket if you pay $1,000 up from Point of Sale. Meaning, an additional winner will be declared from the new sales for December.

Take the chance of winning these FREE services to strengthen your author branding and book marketing efforts. This is an excellent way to end your year and kick off 2023 with intensive marketing features just for you. Remember that here at ReadersMagnet, we are committed to sharing your stories with the world in any possible way we can.

For more questions and clarifications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Publishing and Marketing Consultant. You can reach out to us here at ReadersMagnet by calling 1-800-805-0762 or sending a message to [email protected]. We’re more than glad to hear from you soon.