ReadersMagnet is grabbing the opportunity to attend virtual book events despite the great pandemic, and we believe you should too.

The last quarter of this year saw a number of virtual book fairs led by the 2020 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which earlier decided not to push through with the usual April schedule. The LATFOB is one of the grandest and biggest book events in the United States. Last month, New York Library Association held the 2020 NYLA Virtual Conference and Trade Show. Soon after, the National Council of Teachers of English followed suit and launched the 2020 NCTE Virtual Convention last November 30. There are also several book events and trade shows scheduled for the rest of the year and 2021. ReadersMagnet chose to be part of these reasons for many reasons. We listed five reasons why you should also participate in book events and not let the pandemic waste away opportunities.

Exposure for your brand. Many, if not all, of these book fairs, will be virtual. Let’s face it, a physical book event is way better than a virtual one, but a virtual book event is certainly better than no event at all. Say what you will about virtual book fairs, but they actually attract guests and participants. By attending book events, virtual or not, you continue to showcase your book to the public. As for virtual book fairs, they not only invite actual people to check out your book but also increase visits to your page if you are wise enough to direct them to your site. It ensures continued exposure of your book and brand.

Maintaining the network. If you have attended book fairs in the past, you have certainly made contacts with other authors, publishers, retailers, media, and book fans. These are your networks, and by being present at an annual national or international book event, you make your presence felt. It is also a chance to catch up with other authors, reconnect with those old contacts, and of course, establish new ones. Even if it’s only a virtual book event, when people see your name attached to it, they will know your consistency and seriousness in promoting your works. Who knows, your next book agent might be someone you will encounter in a virtual book exhibition.

Getting few steps ahead. Not everyone can see the wisdom of attending book fairs, especially at this time of the great pandemic. Some are doubtful of what they’d get in return, while some feel that the pandemic is no time to celebrate works of literature. And this might be good for you. Let’s be real here, every day, you are competing with thousands of other authors and hundreds of others in the same book category or genre. By not skipping a book fair event, you gain a step ahead of your so-called competitors. Sometimes the difference is made by those who chose to show up. By showing up in virtual book events, you’ve gained yourself a small victory. The more active an author is, he likely he or she will attract readers.

Less Market Competition. This is related to the item above but with an emphasis on sales. The main goal of promoting books is to sell them. We recognize that virtual book fairs or events held during the pandemic are not as well-participated compared to the usual book events. Most likely, a number of authors will choose to pass on the opportunity. However, for those who will attend, this meant lesser competition and more chance for your books to be noticed and purchased. Virtual book exhibitions also provide equal opportunities for participants because interested parties will all be looking at the same platform or stage.

Getting Product Reviews. You have exposure, less competition, and a network, which means you have the opportunity to gather feedback and customer reviews. Product reviews, especially published statements of your book, are essential in cementing your book’s reputation and your own as well. Book fairs, whether they are virtual or not, is also a chance to know what other people think about your work. And public exhibitions and trade shows are a great venue for that. Great and positive reviews can be maximized to increase interest in your masterpiece.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should not skip a book event despite the pandemic. Showcasing your book during these dark times might inspire other people and lift the spirits of checking out virtual book events and trade shows.