A Bigger Leap for ReadersMagnet! 

It is another achievement for the marketing and self-publishing company, ReadersMagnet, to participate in one of this year’s acclaimed and prominent library association events. It is a great honor for the company to take part in this grand book fair. They will be joining book events like LATFOB and NCTE to name a few. The self-publishing company has put into action their promise of soaring new heights. And now, they have done it. For the past years, the company has been making noise and partaking in large book fairs launching new opportunities for promotion of their clients’ books and their brand. The previous years have been remarkable for the thriving company. And the year 2020 will not be an exception. Even amid the pandemic, the growing self-publishing company did not hesitate to join this annual conference and trade show to introduce new titles and emerging authors to the reading public. 

Taking part in the 2020 NYLA Conference and Trade Show will be momentous for the self-publishing company and for bibliophiles. This will be the first time that the growing company will be a participant of the annual NYLA Conference and Trade Show. The marketing and self-publishing company will proudly present remarkable books from varying genres such as romance, fantasy, spirituality, fiction, children’s books, and basically anything a reader would want to get their hands on. In addition to that, the thriving company will bring in authors, both emerging and celebrated ones, to participate in this year’s gathering.

This year’s NYLA Conference and Trade Show will be different from its previous gathering. The coronavirus pandemic has forced bookstores and libraries to close. However, this will not hinder this glorious event. Everyone and everything has been going digital such as school and work. Gatherings and celebrations will not be an exception. This year will truly be a memorable conference. The health of the authors and participants are at the utmost importance of everyone. The pandemic has opened great opportunities of exploring new ways to connect people. Hence, the 2020 NYLA Conference and Trade Show will be held virtually complementing current trends. Authors and participants will have no need to travel and risk their health because the event will connect people no matter the location. All activities, programs, events, and networking opportunities will be at your fingertips.

What could even be better than going digital, right? You will be able to stay in your humble abode or workspace while taking part in fun literary events. You will be able to participate in each and every activity with the use of the internet and your computer. This experience is nothing compared to what you have experienced before. Going virtual will bring in many benefits for participants. You’ll get to enjoy the comforts of your home and you’ll be protected from the contagious virus. Going virtual was decided upon considering that it is for the good and because we care.

The 2020 NYLA Conference and Trade Show will be a two-day celebration. It will take place on the 5th and 6th of November. The registration for the event has already commenced last September and will end on the 31st of October. The New York Library Association believes that this annual event will be the #BestVirtualConferenceEver!

ReadersMagnet is looking forward to making this conference and trade show as one of the best ever despite the pandemic. To know more about the self-publishing company’s participation in the upcoming conference or to inquire about the company’s marketing and publishing services, you may call 1-800-805-0762 or send an email through [email protected].