ReadersMagnet SIBF 2024 (SIBF stands for Seoul International Book Fair) is a great event for ReadersMagnet to attend as we continue our journey through Asia’s book fairs.

After we’re done sharing our authors’ stories in Seoul, our authors and their readers can expect ReadersMagnet at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2024. But that’s for another time because today, we’ll be focusing on the Seoul International Book Fair 2024 and how our first day at the event was. We are so excited to share all of the fun stuff that happened!

But First, Let’s Break Down What SIBF 2024 Is

For almost 70 years, the largest book festival in Korea has been known as the Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF). Established in 1954, the SIBF brings together authors, publishers, bookworms, and other like-minded people to facilitate the interaction between those who create books and those who consume them. Currently, the SIBF stands as one of the top book fairs worldwide and among the most well-known in Asia.

South Korea offers more to adore than its humorous K-dramas and popular K-pop music. The Seoul International Book Fair, one of the largest book fairs in the world, is held in Seoul, the country’s metropolitan city. Since its inception, the SIBF has been a gathering place for writers worldwide, including Life of Pi’s internationally bestselling author, Yann Martel.

SIBF is the perfect event for individuals who love writing and making books for people to read. Not only that, but it also gathers scholars, readers, publishers, artists, writers, and editors to have them share insights, information, and wisdom. Additionally, the SIBF plans “Guest of Honor” and Korean Pavilion events for international book fairs. Promoting Korean literature and culture in Seoul and exposing the world to the city fosters exchange.

image of Seoul International Book Fair attendees with ReadersMagnet SIBF 2024
Photo from Korea Herald

Readersmagnet’s First Experience at the International Book Fair Seoul 2024

As it celebrates its first SIBF participation, ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing demonstrates its passion for the world of books and words in which authors and readers interact. We were able to promote the many works of our vast number of authors, who happen to be some of the best writers out there. Everyone on our team was so happy to interact with the many interested patrons and buy bookers.

ReadersMagnet maintains its unwavering dedication to supporting known and up-and-coming writers in telling their stories to the world and building their brands. For more details about our booth at the SIBF 2024, click here.

image of booths, stands, and people at the Seoul International Book Fair including ReadersMagnet SIBF 2024
Photo from 10Times

While the day started somewhat slow, the pace was able to pick up once the doors to the fair were officially opened. Then, we were able to get lots of interested readers to check out our booth, which is stand number A29. We saw a lot of happy people flashing smiles at us as they eagerly checked out books from Eleanor Gaccetta, Tish Barnhardt, and more.

But that’s not all because we at ReadersMagnet still have a lot more to offer. Visitors can take a chance to win prizes with the help of Plushy Pao Pao, our panda mascot who steals people’s hearts with his cuteness. Aside from that, viewers can also expect ReadersMagnet to have some guest authors on the following day, which will certainly make things more interesting.

The Support and Comments for the Seoul International Book Fair 2024 Were Pouring Out

photo of ReadersMagnet SIBF 2024 host reading comments from people watching the live stream

Here at ReadersMagnet, we believe that being able to provide others with something that’ll make them happy brings us joy. We were able to read some of your comments, and believe us when we say that we are grateful for all of your support!

During the book shoutouts, we truly felt all of the love that you guys have for us. We also got to share with our viewers some of the books that we brought with us to Seoul from our fantastic authors. Our authors and their readers are the reason why we do what we do, and it’s such an honor to be doing what we do!

Here are some streams of what took place in the morning and afternoon portion of ReadersMagnet at the Seoul International Book Fair 2024:

Morning Portion of ReadersMagnet at the Seoul International Book Fair 2024
Afternoon Portion of ReadersMagnet at the Seoul International Book Fair 2024

Readersmagnet SIBF 2024 Has Only Just Begun

There’s still a lot in store for our authors and readers because we’ve just begun our time here at Seoul Book Fair 2024. We implore everyone to stick around and witness everything we have prepared from June 26 – 30, 2024!

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