ReadersMagnet is poised to serve more authors and promote more stories as we enter the year’s second half.

As we close the first half of the year, ReadersMagnet looks back with pride on every milestone and victory we have achieved. The first six months brought hope, energy, opportunities, and perspectives to our company and our dear client-authors. As we enter the month of August, ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing Company is filled with determination, excitement, and purpose to finish the year strong, daring to scale new heights and consistently fulfilling the role of an excellent publishing partner.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering, ReadersMagnet was able to open the year on a positive note. At the start of the year, ReadersMagnet launched two new book marketing services- the New York Times Book Review Print Ad Service and the Online Booksellers Advertising Services. These new additions to ReadersMagnet’s already wide array of publishing and book marketing services are proof that the company is finding new ways to bring their clients and their books to bigger audiences.

The first quarter also saw ReadersMagnet participating in several physical book fairs, including the annual Tucson Festival of Books and the Los Angeles Festival of Books.

With restrictions easing up and the majority of the population vaccinated, many events went back to in-person setups. ReadersMagnet grabbed the opportunity to participate in a number of prestigious international book fair events. The year kicked off with the return of the annual Tucson Festival of Books held last March 12 and 13.

After two years, another prestigious book event returned to its original venue at the University of Southern California. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books held the annual book fair from April 23 to 24. ReadersMagnet set up a booth for book display and a two-day book signing event graced by our partner authors. This is the second time ReadersMagnet has joined the LATFOB event in Los Angeles. The first one was in 2019. Just last month, Readersmagnet also flew into New York to take part in the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Washington, DC, last June 23 to 28. This is another milestone for ReadersMagnet because, for the first time, we participated as exhibitors in the said event.

Banking on these new milestones and victories, ReadersMagnet is geared to end 2022 on a victorious and inspiring note.

As we head into the new normal, ReadersMagnet is excited to explore new possibilities and opportunities for the company and beloved authors. As we begin the second half of the year, ReadersMagnet invites everyone to join us on new journeys and discoveries.

ReadersMagnet will embark on another great adventure this fall- the triad Empire State Book Tour. This comprises three major literary events- The Festival of Books Season 3, ReadersMagnet Book Confab, and the NYLA Conference and Trade Show (New York Library Association).

The last two seasons of The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS) proved to be a resounding success and have reached more authors since its inception. This year, the third season of ReadersMagnet’s own book fair is set to gather more authors, speakers, and book lovers.

The ReadersMagnet Book Confab is the company’s latest initiative to gather bookworms and literary enthusiasts and build connections with authors, fans, publishers, book artists, and book lovers. The event will be held this October in The Tribeca in Lower Manhattan, New York’s art and cultural center.

Last but certainly not least in our Empire State Book Tour is the annual New York Library Association Conference and Trade Show. This is not the first time for ReadersMagnet, but we’re excited to be back in one of New York’s most anticipated book events.

As of this writing, there are still several events and activities in the second half of 2022. Aside from book events, new services, author engagements, promos, and new features for our website and the company will surely make this year one for the books. So just stay tuned and continue to be a part of our RMazing calendar year!

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