Self-publishing companies typically offer the same publishing services. The services help authors print and publish their works and be in the game along with traditionally published works. It is essential that authors land with publishing partners that provide them with all they need to make their publishing dreams come true.

Black and White

Black and white books are the most common published print materials. They are fast, cost-effective, and are easy to prepare. While printing black text on white surface is super easy, reproducing black and white photos for your book can be very challenging. In order to ensure that the text and images of your book achieve the best quality, you must find a service provider who knows how to best calibrate and reproduce black and white print especially black and white images. According to,

“There are quite a few tasks your book designer or production artist will address when it comes to preparing photos for use in a book. For instance, each photo has to be

  • Rendered in grayscale
  • Scaled and cropped to reproduction size
  • Be adjusted to 300 dpi (dots per inch) at the reproduction size
  • Have levels or curves adjusted for anticipated dot gain
  • Examined for imperfections that can be repaired
  • Sharpened for the intended use

It is important to leave room in your schedule and your budget to accommodate this work during the production of your book. Nothing is more critical to having the photographs reproduced well. The more important the photographs are to the main theme of your book, the more important it is to prepare them properly.”

Full Color Books

Self-Publishing your own full color books requires dazzling and eye-catching images, aside from a great storyline. Most self-publishing book services feature full color book printing using the latest technology. They key, however, is to find the best self-publishing company that will work closely with you from the layout, to formatting, all the way to choice of ink and printing.

If you are planning to publish a full color book, kindly take note of the following or find a self-publishing service company that can specify the right color settings for every color in each page of your book. It is important that your publisher knows how to simulate CMYK with RGB thus perfectly picking the right CMYK output profile for your pages.

Most print companies use InDesign nowadays, so there should not be any problem with the final conversion. Finally, make sure that your publisher uses instead of emailing your file for printing. Sharing your file using will enable you to get a high-resolution PDF.

Children’s Books

Aside from a good story that young readers can digest, children’s books are mostly about design. Like full color books, children’s books should be colorful and attractive to look at. Make sure to find a self-publishing service provider that employs great graphic and layout artists. ReadersMagnet offers the Children’s Book Self-Publishing Packages, which features great artworks from their pool of graphic artist.

Children’s Books sample covers by ReadersMagnet


Ebooks are more than just digital versions of your paperback or hardbound novels. They are copies that have the potential to reach the broadest number of readers both offline and online.

That is why it is essential that you seek the assistance of a reliable self-publishing service provider. You cannot simply upload your manuscript and expect readers to race downloading your file

The Amazon’s Look Inside feature allows readers to take a glimpse at your book formatting. This could make or break your writing career. If your book has an ugly format, it will be difficult to read and will turn down potential buyers of your book.

.As for the creation of your KDP account, the launching of your eBook, and the promotion of your work online, make sure you have a team that will work closely with you at all times. Make sure that your team is consistent in putting all the information not only in your KDP account but also in your website, blog, and social media platforms.

ReadersMagnet Editorial Services include developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading, data entry service, and indexing.

ReadersMagnet books on display during the recently held 2019 LA Times Festival of Books.

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