For years now, ReadersMagnet has been one of the exhibitors of the world’s biggest literary festivals. RM has become receptive to joining various types and themes of book events. This is because celebrating the world of literature is something that the world needs to do in whatever shape or form. These fairs are great channels for all the book enthusiasts, authors, aspiring authors, book lovers, and publishers. 

This year, ReadersMagnet will be joining the annual Tucson Festival of Books. This exceptional literary event is an avenue for everyone as it is a free and public activity. It will be one of the happiest celebrations that everyone can attend. It gives more people the opportunity to join the club as it will be going complete online and virtual for this year. 

Join Tucson wherever you are in the world.

The pandemic has had its negative effect on most aspects of anyone’s life. It has changed the usual way of how the world works. However, the virus cannot take away all the fun and amazing things in this world, including book festivals. Because of the internet, people have found ways to continue fun-filled happenings. In 2020, it was canceled due to this major and global issue. However, the Tucson Festival of Books is utilizing this venture of turning the event into virtual or online to still make it possible to prestige the event. Thus, it also gave a chance for everyone to join in wherever they may be. With just an internet connection, and whatever gadget you have, you can join in the pleasure.

What you need to look forward to for the event.

The event has featured many activities in this two-day special programming for children and teens, panels by best-selling and emerging authors, a literary circus, culturally diverse programs, a poetry venue, and exhibitor booths. For this year, Roche Diagnostics will be joining this fun series combining science and literacy. Plus, if you’ve heard or watched the popular hit show on Netflix, Bridgerton, you will be hyped to know that the author of the book will be attending. Not only that, but the best-selling author will be giving insights into all things literary for all of us. 

How this amazing move first started.

Tuscon is established back in 2009. As one of the country’s biggest festivals have experienced gathering over 135, 000 participants in 2017. It is founded by a group of people. Back in 2011, the Festival Founders Award was established to recognize exceptional literary achievement. Aside from honoring literature, this movement is also known for helping the fight against illiteracy; the festival immensely helps the local community in Arizona. It is known that ever since the festival started, it has donated over $1.65 million to agencies that improve literacy. Who would not want to support any movement that supports pure charity? You would.

The perks you can get out of participating in the event. 

You already know the advantages of these book fairs can surely make a difference for everyone in the book industry. Aside from all the perks mentioned above, joining this extraordinary event will help you broaden your knowledge in the literary world. You can expect a series of different themes you can learn from, from science fiction to romance. You also have to make sure to catch Readersmagnet as an exhibitor; you will surely get to know great books. So, you should ready brace yourself as you will get to have an amazing experience this 6th and 7th of March. Tucson Festival of Books 2021 is surely an event that’s worth the wait.