Are you up to another book fair that will awaken your passion in reading, writing, and everything in between? If you are, then you should look forward to The London Book Fair 2021. Experience a great deal of program revolving on books and publishing within the comforts of your homes because this particular book fair will be conducted online. Imagine celebrating books, authors, and more while being safe from the pandemic, that would be awesome!

LBF is a huge book-publishing fair celebrated ever y year in London, England. It is typically conducted around April. However, this year is different because it is scheduled on June and will be done digitally since the pandemic hit.

The fair started when Lionel Leventhal planned and executed an event in 1971 called The Specialist Publishers’ Exhibition for Librarians that featured 22 exhibitors. It was followed by another event, which was organized by Leventhal and his new business partner named Clive Bingley. The reach and impact of the program developed and started to include more established publishers.  It wasn’t until 1975 that The London Book Fair with initials LBF officially came into view. Now, this fair is among the most popular trade events in the world of publishing.

ReadersMagnet is proud to announce that it will be joining The 2021 London Book Fair on its celebration for its 50th anniversary from June 21 to July 01, 2021. Everyone is welcome to either be one of the exhibitors or viewers. For the former, you will need to fill up the form and coordinate with the admins of the fair while for the latter; you will need to prepare your gadgets and internet for an uninterrupted live streaming.

The fair opt to build a great space for the publishing communities from all over the world to unite, meet, learn, and collaborate virtually. Since mass gathering is not yet safe in today’s time due to the pandemic, The London Book Fair made everything possible while putting the security of the participants first before anything else. Furthermore, the online book fair aims to put the spotlight on the key areas of the event, making the chance for a wider global attendees to unite in a convenient way to create business, connect together, collaborate concepts, and more.

According to the Director of the fair, Andy Ventris, “The Online Book Fair will be a chance to take stock of the challenges the industry has faced over the past year, and to celebrate the resilience, creativity and progress which the industry has shown throughout this adversity.”

Moreover, the admission to the online book fair is FREE, so you should get your tickets and register days before the event. You will surely meet a variety of authors that will give you tips and insights about writing and more. Aside from ReadersMagnet, there are also other remarkable exhibitors from different parts of the world — suchasAllNote Printing, Amazon Publishing, American Psychological Association, Book Aid International, Cambridge University Press, HarperCollins Publishers, and more.

Additionally, the digital LBF is divided into different parts. Much like the trade fairs that you have joined physically, halls are organized by sections. Children’s & Young Adult, Academic & Scholarly Publishing, Rights Buying & Selling, Creative Industries, Writer’s Block, New Title Showcase, and Authors & Self-Publishing are some of the sectors of the events. But with the modifications of the program considering the global health risk, there might also be twists and turns made to make your LBF experience more memorable.

What are you waiting for? Register to get your FREE tickets and don’t forget to check out ReadersMagnet at the LBF from the 21st of June until the 1st of July, 2021 now!